I may have to euthanize my Mottled Houdan chick or suggestions???


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You may have read here before, my Mottled Houdans I ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery quickly died or were sick. I have one left, she's 5 1/2 weeks old and still not growing, can't stand upright, and is always upset, chirping constantly, etc. Her underbelly has no chick down and no feathers, looks purple and misshapen. I don't think she's going to be able to walk. How may I humanely euthanize her? Any other suggestions?
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I have read that the most humane for the chick is to quickly take the head off with a hatchet or very sharp like pruning shears or something like it. Another is to hit it's head against something hard. That is also instant. I think some put part of a bag over the chick's head then, when it's done, the rest of the chick goes in.
It sounds to me like putting her down is probably the best thing to do. Sorry for your loss.
If your local walmart has dry ice then that is a very easy and painless death. Just get a small piece and put it in a cup and place that in a bucket with the chick. Put the lid on the bucket and the Carbon Monoxide will put them to sleep and they will die. No pain. Jenn
The dry ice is a good idea, but I think she's on her way out now. I went down to check on her, and she looked as if she had already passed on (face down, eyes closed, not moving). When I went to remove her, I realized she was still breathing, just very shallowly. I decided to bring her upstairs, snuggled in a towel, and hold her to make her passing less traumatic than being sat on and picked at by the other chicks. This way she won't die alone.

Thanks for the information, folks. You are good people.

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