I miss having peacocks


10 Years
Jul 10, 2009
So. California
I used to raise them all the time but my dad got stricter since I got chickens
"You have chickens now, we dont need peacocks"
I used to have the nicest boy, Rocky, when I was 10.
Then I got Lucky a couple years ago, and Zip, male and female
In an area where there are many peacocks, I usually band them and let them come and go from my house to the neighborhood....
Rocky and Lucky both disappeared without a trace :[
I think Zip still comes around because this tame hen comes to our house with her babies every year and sits on the porch

Just a thread about my peacock experiences <3 I love them soooo much :]

Something to plan and dream for.
I'm so sorry you lost your peacocks. I love my two peahens so much, like they're my babies or something. I also have chickens, so I'm wondering why your dad won't let you have any. It doesn't cost that much more in feed and the beauty and wonder of these angelic creatures are more than worth the few extra pennies to feed.

I don't have any peacocks, just the two peahens, who are super bonded to one another. They go everywhere together and look completely different. One is an India Blue, the other is a Black Shoulder. I watched over some incubating eggs for a neighbor last year and these two popped out about 9 days apart. The neighbor said I could keep them. It's been an amazing experience raising these beauties.
Hi thornwing, I am from DeviantART if you don't recognize me.

Anyways I hope you can get peafowl again. Is there any legal way you can attract peafowl to your yard or something? I know you are not supposed to feed the peafowl were you are.

I really hope your dad will let you have a peafowl again. Peachicks are so cheep that it wouldn't be that expensive and everything, especially if you just got one or something. Good luck.
I have a relative in Shalimar Fl that sent me a really cool pic she did in DeviantArt... it was a horse with a peacock train. I never heard of DeviantArt before that.
OMG minxfox!!! heyy!! hahahaha wow!
woa! double rainbow!

Yea, I want tame ones, I can attract tons to my yard with food hehehe, but taaame ones :[ ones you raised that are close to your heart and have meaning to you<3

my dad wont let me have anymore because Im not sure he is the biggest animal person despite his being a vet, and I guess he finds the idea of buying (no matter how little the cost) a peachick rediculous since they are in the neighborhood, even tho the ones around here are 99.9% indian blue and .1% BARELY pied...boring, i want color! spaulding, opal, white, java!!
I see what you mean. I am sure with all the feral India Blue peafowl you see around there, you are soo used to seeing the India Blue that you just want something different. Do the peahens around there ever have white chicks? Maybe you could catch one of those...
There are a few "pied" but they are so subtle no one notices....pied as in blue indian but they have white primaries (in males, these feathers are like an orange almost) and the most ive seen are those feathers and a little lick on the neck of white, he hangs at my house and I call him Pie.

Once, (pics on DeviantArt!), I saw a mother with 4 chicks walk by my fence, she was indian, so was her chicks.....except for two! they were legit pied! like exact half and half! So this being something id never see again, and realizing not many chicks make it to live full lives (we have some serious haters on the street along with hawks and coyotes galore), I took the two pied chicks from her (sorry, she wasnt upset tho, she had her other two) and I gave them to my banty hen who had a chick of her own and took them in...

IDK what went wrong, sooo sad, but the smallest chick got attacked, I heard the screams, by a scrub jay. It ripped a huge gash in his chest, which sealed closed. I went on vacation and got news from pet sitter that the chick was dead in the coop, looked like it got pecked at and tramped...BUt why would this suddenly occur? the weeks before, the chickens didnt mind them...

Almost done with vaca, pet sitter texts me, sorry, the other (healthy) chick met the same fate....what,,,idk i think a rat got in because she said their heads were bloody, and rats, my teacher says (he has an aviary), go in, kill his baby parakeets, eat the brain, and leave.....idk

And once when I was like 5, there was a white peacock on the neighbors lawn, never seen one ever again....And a crazy spaulding male who hung at our house (also pics at DA), who disappeared after a short while....he loved chasing the cars that drove by on the backside of the racetrack for somereason...
That spaulding you had visit sure was a cool one even if it was mean. Lol that would be funny to look in your rear view mirror and see a peacock chasing your car! I hope you can get some peafowl again!

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