I need a heater for my PVC waterer


Dec 19, 2015
I made a waterer of 4" vertical pvc with two cup auto waterers for our ducks and chickens. I want a low watt water heater I can drop in there that won't get too hot and does not have to be submerged, in case they run out of water. I may wrap the pvc in insulation. An aquarium heater would be great, but they have to always be submerged.
What can I use?
Indeed most water heaters need to be submerged. Here is a suggestion. Replace the 4 inch PVC with a plastic bucket that will hold more water. Chances are, that it wont run dry very quickly. I can make a heater that would not be affected by it running dry, but my home made version would likely not get the UL. approval.

I don't want to use a different waterer. What water heaters don't need to be submerged.
I don't know of any heaters that can be submerged but are also OK dry, but I do have a suggestion. Is it possible to wrap heat tape around the outside of your waterer, and then sleeve it with a bigger piece of pipe to keep them from pecking the wire? The sleeve would only have to be fit where the heat tape is.

I've seen waterers like that and really like them. I might try making one myself!
Still need heater for my vertical pvc waterer.
if u go to the local hardwarw store they sell a heat trace that u can wrap around the pvc pipe and plug it in it will only come on when the temp drops and keep the water from freezing
Check out your local hardware store and pick up a heat trace that u can wrap around the outside of the pipe plug it in and it will keep the water from freezing

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