I need a NEW project....???

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Apr 1, 2008
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My Coop
So since I tried (unsuccessfully) FOUR times to hatch BLRW's...I now have an empty pen (we rebuilt my entire coop this spring/summer and every breed was to have it's own area and this pen hasn't even had chickens in it, yet!).

Which I think may be a SIN!??

Anyway...I was hoping for white faced blue spanish...wanted to work on those...but depsite my efforts to find a QUALITY roo and some quality andalusian hens...I have nothing.

Hubby thinks I should get another bantam breed...I was thinking BLRW's but I'm nervous those won't hatch and it's getting too late to hatch for me now...

I'm on a few lists for Orloffs next spring...but those were going to be "free range" birds....
Wait, so do you want a new project all together, like a whole new color that hasnt been done yet or do you just want to work with an existing color in a breed? There are many possibilities, maybe work on lavender wyandottes, start with lavender cochins and black wyandottes. Or for an existing color why not columbian wyandottes, or even work on making blue columbian wyandottes. An easy mediteranian one that many people would like would be crele leghorns or barred lakenvelders (deleware pattern on lakenvelder)
Go for something like Andalusians, Minorcas, Catalanas, Vorwerks, Delaware, or something that you hardly every find at all.

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