I need a tutor in domestication I think. I may be hopeless

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  1. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    I do try, I just stink at some of this. So I can cook, I can budget like a pro, plan our retirement, do our taxes, build a coop, change a timing belt on a car. BUT I cannot sew. I do try. I sew a tiny bit by hand. I have a machine that is far too intimidating that is over 16 years old and has never been used. My mom gave it to me, my dad promtly took it away and put it in his office to keep me from screwing it up. Now a bunch of parts are missing and he has no clue where he put them. My mom has a machine I can use as long as I don't mess it up ( yea like I am going to take the chance). My husband offered to buy me a machine but I am sorta afraid of them. I just know I will mess them up.

    I would love to make my own chicken aprons and feed sack bags. I hand sewed and appliqued a little purse for my daughter and was considering selling those but hand sewing would take forever and I am only so so at it.

    I'm going to adopt myself out to some bored grandma who needs an undomesticated grandaughter to teach. I think thats my solution. I checked out lessons and discovered I am far too cheap to pay that much to learn something I should already know. bah maybe she could help me with the whole canning thing too.
  2. eenie114

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    Adopting family is the way to go- You can be picky. [​IMG] I've already found myself some sisters and two extra grammas... On the lookout for a big brother. [​IMG]
  3. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    I do have to be picky. I need domestic ones. Not ones even less domestic than me. So far thats what I have picked. I figured out statistics dang it, I can figure out sewing. ( thats what I keep telling myself any way )

    Actually the little applique purse came out very cute. Not perfect but for my first time actually sewing anything other than buttons I was very proud. It didn't even fall apart when she put stuff in it. There was the slight worry I was worse than I was giving myself credit for but it worked out.
  4. debilorrah

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    Heather, I cannot sew either. It is just not in my makeup to succeed at sewing. I can run circles around people with cooking, cleaning, hatching, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc. But I cannot sew. I make things that looked like Lucy Ricardo made it.
  5. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    Yep..cant sew at ALL here either.... sad but true. *sigh*
  6. sheaviance1

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    Apr 7, 2010
    I can't sew very well either, but I am learning. I don't have any grandma's around here, so i am learning from you-tube. I go there, look up a stitch, and practice, practice, practice until i get it down pat. It's slow going, but I'm getting better. I do have a machine and have made two small quilts with it. I love the quilted look so I am planning to hand quilt my next one. Good luck, I hope you find you a grandma somewhere. It's awful hard to ask youtube a question.
  7. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    I have sewn since I was a small child, made most of my work clothes for many years, never saw my mother in a store bought dress that I recall, and she always looked stylish. I firmly believe it is nothing but practice and common sense, that "seamstresses" make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I'd recommend getting a couple yards of cheap Walmart fabric and just practicing. Then a pattern marked easy to sew (or whatever they mark them) for a couple bucks and make something, whether you would use it or not. Maybe start with a simple nightshirt or t-shirt type garment, a tote bag, whatever. Walmart's cheapest machine probably works as well as their most expensive one; they just add fancy stuff you're not likely to use anyway, IMO. For 25 years I sewed on a $25 used Singer.
  8. areyoumymother

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    Apr 9, 2011
    I have always been plagued with the 'no sew' gene which was not cool in a 'sewing' family. My husband sews better than I do LOL....

    I have 2 older sisters that are both seamstresses that my mother taught...but...since I am the youngest of the three my sisters must have used up all of my mothers patience..anywho....[​IMG]

    My one sister would make all of my formals for High School as she did for her daughters as well.

    She even made a couple of 3 piece suits for our pastor.

    I have relegated myself to the fact that we can not all excel at the same thing...

    If we were all perfect seamstresses who would do our taxes? [​IMG]
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  9. Squishy

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    Feb 2, 2011
    The answer is....
    "Honey, please buy me one of those newfangled machines!"
    About half the machines when you walk into Joanns fabric, nowdays... are the newfangled (expensive too [​IMG]) sewing machines.. with..


    computers on board!

    They do everything for you! You just have place the fabric for it, get it on the desired setting... and the machiney makes all the decisions!
    It was soooo fun watching my mom with her embroidery machine! With the software on the computer.. and an artist who drew up cartoonish designs... she was able to embroider logos on uniforms for an entire buisiness without doing more than babysitting the sewing machine!

    She always has sewn on her regular old singer however.... Mom is a good seamstress!
    I, however, am really not.
    Though, after some time and patience, there are other things I can do! Mom taught me how to knit, and I made a whole scarf all by myself! [​IMG]
  10. schellie69

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Get a basic machine one that does a few stitches, then look on you tube and make some simple things. My DH can sew and he has taught me together we made the kids school clothes one year. I make blankets and other items. You can do this believe in your self and take it one project at a time. Also go to the library and check out some basic books on sewing.

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