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  1. AnimalLover99

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    Apr 26, 2012
    i bought the little giant incubator model number 9200 that came with the 6200 egg turner and was supposed to come with the 7200 circulated air fan, but that was missing. another one cant get her until friday or saturday, which wouldnt work because i wanted to order eggs today that would be here either friday or saturday. so im trying to find a fan at a store near us and these two are the only two i could find.

    Are these too fast? will they work? if so which one? HELP?!

  2. AnimalLover99

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    Apr 26, 2012
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  3. groundpecker

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    Jun 26, 2011
    Rison, Arkansas
    You can start the incubation and add the fan later.
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    I ca't help. No knowledge of this. Have you tried the incubation thread discussions on BYC?
    Someone should be on this time of night.
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  5. VelvettFog

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Either one of those fans will do a fine job in circulating the air in your incubator. You only need to choose 120v or 12v. I *think* that you want the 120v, but I'd have to see how the instructions on the incubator regarding how the fan is installed.

    I have never personally ordered hatching eggs, but I have looked into it. Many people advise letting the eggs 'rest' for a day or so after their arrival. So you could order the eggs and the fan and if the eggs arrived a day before the fan that would not be a big deal.

    I also agree with Grounpecker that you can set the eggs without the fan and then add it later. It is ok for your eggs to be "out" of the incubator for 30 minutes or so while you install the fan.

    Good luck and please do let us know how things went!

  6. ChickSter99

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    I've had to do what VelvettFog was suggesting. The eggs that I purchased came in quicker than I anticipated and the bator didn't come in time. I ended up going to the local TSC to get a LG Still Air with Turner. I sat the turner on the table allowing the eggs to sit without turning for 24 hours. Since it didn't have a fan, I went on ebay and found one pretty cheap. In the meantime, I had to set the eggs in the bator or they wouldn't be any good. When the fan came in, it took all of 10 minutes to put in the bator. Once it was installed, I really didn't have a problem with temp/humidity. It did fluctuate a little but I stayed on top of it. I still ended up hatching 18 of 21 eggs. I've just never had any luck with Still Air, but this is my first year hatching. Maybe I'll give it a try next year. I wish you good luck with your hatch.
  7. ChickSter99

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    Jun 19, 2012
    South GA
    I'm sorry Groundpecker suggested that.
  8. ki4got

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    go to a computer store, you can get them a whole lot cheaper usually. and get the 12v one. you can wire it with any 12v or less cell phone charger in just a few minutes and have it up and running.

    that's what i use for all my hovabators (all 4)... tho my power supplies are between 6 and 9v dc, which simply makes the fan run a bit slower than it would at 12v. i prefer a bit slower in the hatcher than the incubator, simply for less draft on the new chicks, but that's my own prefrence. any 110/120v ac fans will turn what they will with no way to adjust them, and you would still have to have a proper power supply to wire it with.

    edit: ok i didn't think about wiring the 110/120v ac fan into the incubator directly... but i had a pile of old (usable) computer fans, so that's what i used...
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  9. Chicken Rustler

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    OK I saw yer post on the WA thread. Are you in WA?? I can set ya up with a fan if you are close to me. I am in western WA about 1/2 way tween Portland and Seattle!! PM me if I can help
  10. Arielle

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Massachusetts, USA
    DId you get your fan installed??

    Let the eggs rest while you get this set up correctly. YOu need the fan running to get the temperature correct. THe air is vented more pulling the warm air out and the LG needs to be set up with this in mind.

    Do try the PC fan--pick the cheapest. ANd use an adapter hanging around. You can do a search to find the instructions here on BYC. Pretty easy, a little time consuming the first time. I installed mine after starting my incubation. That is a stressful sitution. Try to get set up and stabilized BEFORE putting in your precious eggs.

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