I need help please and any advice on my cat giving birth


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Hi.. my cat Giblet(i got her on thanksgiving day..
.)...is pregnant..
..confirmed 2 days ago by vet. The vet says she is probably due in 2-4 weeks..(most likely closer to 3 weeks)... i am very scared.....i lost a kitten..and i am really clueless as what to do in an emergency..as in, IF: kitten gets stuck....kittens not breathing at birth...kitten wont nurse...and i could go on and on with my fears!..
..please, i love my cat..and any advice will help me and more importantly her..so any advice please?...thanks very much, Wendy....
Here she is...

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If a kitten gets stuck she needs a c-section. They usually don't dislodge on their own, IME.
Not breathing at birth, make sure their airways are clean and massage as best you can, it may or may not revive.
If they aren't suckling, you will just have to keep trying to get them on her and if not, they may need to be bottle fed.
And get her spayed when they are 5-6 weeks old. That would be the healthiest thing for her.
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She is very pretty! Ok First Relax! She has already had one litter so she pretty much know's what to do, and since she had complications with her first litter be prepared but don't be frantic. chances are things will be fine. but if not, you have two maybe three weeks to read up on cat birthings on the web. There's tons of info out there for the reading. Also keep in touch with your vet. when the time comes and she starts to have her kittens you will be able to contact the vet for info and advice. Just remember Relax! And remember Post Pictures of the babies!
She's a pretty cat. Your vet should be able to give you the answers you need on the issues you're concerned with and when if needed to bring the cat in or call for advice when she goes into labor.
I agree, usually if they are stuck and can't come out, she'll need a C-section, and then hopefully they would spay her.

There are way too many cats and kittens out there that need loving homes to let ANY cat keep having kittens unless you breed or show purebreds, and even then, there are far too many in rescue situations because of the economy and indiscriminate breeding.
Cats do not go out of heat until they are bred and will cycle every 3wks until they are bred, so even when she is nursing this next litter she will be pregnant by the time they are weaned if you don't spay her.
I'm not an expert on these things....but that said I would find the nearest emergency 24 hour care clinic for pets and have the phone number and directions on getting there on the fridge for an emergency during the middle of the night. Also keep your kitty carrier with a blanket by the door. Oh...and keep enough gas in the car that you would not have to stop for that in the middle of a rush.

Many cats have problems on first litters. But after that first one...it seems to get easier for Momma and babies.
hi guys..and thanks so very much for the advice!!...
...trust me..as soon as she weans these babies..shes going in to be fixed!...
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A cat I rescued in Portland last summer was pregnant. I knew what I was getting into with her, but I was still very nervous. I had been around cats and kittens, but never the birthing process. It is something I am so glad I witnessed! She did really well and I only had to help a little. I did have to have her spayed a few days after giving birth though due to an infection. It was scary because we weren't sure if she would continue to nurse the kittens or not, but it turned out ok too

My advice would be read everything you can and prepare for everything, even the worst. I had it arranged with my vet during one of her appointments that I could call her if I needed to, even at home. Not all vets will do that so yes, the number to a 24 hour clinic is a good thing to have.

I kept Sasha in my office so she could have quiet time. I fed her kitten chow (on the advice of my vet and many websites online) to keep her weight up. I had her nesting box all prepared about 2 weeks before she went into labor and had everything I might possibly need to help her nearby in the room.....towels, scissors, antiseptic, nasal aspirator, heating pad, etc.. The nasal aspirator (I don't know if that is the right name for it or not) came in so helpful because after her first kitten was born, the second one was coming before she could get the first one cleaned properly. It wasn't breathing and neither was the last kitten, which was born after a hard last labor. The third one was really big! I was able to save both them with that simple tool and a warm washcloth

Oh, and don't forget the camera! This is the link to the photos I took of that night and beyond. They are priceless and I look at them often. We kept her and 3 of the kittens and my mother in Cali took one.

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It's extremely stressful on them for you to be hovering over her during the labor and birth. I'd be worried about causing undue stress and possible more problems by fawning over her through the entire thing.
Leave her in a quiet dark place and just check on her every 30 minutes or so. Refrain from handling the kittens for a day or so unless you must move them.

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