I need help with a photo project/techies .

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by bantymum, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Im trying to make a heading for a web page and it needs to be like a wide banner, about 3 inches long and page width.
    I just want a nice background which i found in "word office,"then i want to place a pic in left hand corner, then add nice text heading with smaller text next to pic. then ill need to upload this to photobucket so I can put on web page.
    i dont even know if photobucket will allow a size like that!
    any ball park suggestions would be really helpful as I have been up until past midnight for 3 nights trying to no avail and i am getting very run down, which is no good for me as I have MS!!and im trying to look after myself without the use of drs drugs!geez im ravelling on arent I, im soooo tired I cant put words to sentences.
    Im going to sleep now. it is 11.31pm here.!!!
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    May 1, 2007
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    The best thing to do is to plagerize another website header...tweek it with the font you like.

    Did I just tell you to plagerize? [​IMG]
    And it's documented?
  3. Oh my goodness gracious me!!! i didnt think of that, though I am innocent I have been known to shoot a rat with an air rifle and strangle a crow who was egg pinching for 2 years.
    Wow, ill see what my alternatives are, but I have remarkable creative binges sometimes and i can do this if I have the mindset. I just need name of generic program to use to get creative!!!:and some sleep!
    Thankyou Helen
  4. Chellester

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    Jun 22, 2007
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    bantymum, I am a Computer Science major, and I would recommend you don't use any HTML editors if you can help it. They put a lot of garbage in the web page that you don't need and end up causing problems in the long run.

    If you like, you can email me with more details of the banner you want, and I will email you some simple HTML code to use in your web page.
  5. Thankyou very much i will em you shortly, The host site doesnt allow html? so that is why im hoping to upload the finished image with border and text to photobucket.
    they only let me quote a url for the upload.
    thanks again

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