I need help with adding a new bird into the coop.

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    i have 2 hens, one serama, and one olandsk dwarf. these two hens were in the same cage together for most of their lives with no problems. long story short i gave the olandsk dwarf to a women who wanted to see if she can handle raising chickens. she took the olandsk dwarf about 2 1/2 weeks ago. when i brought her back the serama and her started pecking each other. i quickly separated them and put the olandsk dwarf in a cage next to the run were the serama can see her. the olandsk dwarf cooled down, but the serama is still agressive towards her. the serama is not taking her eyes off of her. the serama is 13 weeks old and the olandsk dwarf is 12 weeks old. how can i put them back together in the coop?
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    always feed your chickens first to make them lazy and happy . food makes everyone happy. then place the cages close to each other but not to where they can get at each other. after a few hours you can try to put them into the yard together but it's normal for hens to do this and not get along at first.

    but always make sure if you get new chickens not to ever through them together since they have a small pack they have bounded too and don't want intruders. this will take sometimes a few days so they can get use to her.

    Seramas are tough girls and can hold their own hahahaha

    But i think by now you have them together and im sure they are in love :)

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