Feb 1, 2018
My duck got attack really bad by a dog ,Right were the wing connects to the body. He was bearly hanging to life. he was a little stronger but wont eat or drink and is losing his strength. Im already worried that his injurys might kill him now he might starve himself. I have already made him a mix of water and feed, he hasn't even tried to drink it or anything. I have him inside in a warm cage with comforting bedding. Im not sure what to do from here.


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Apr 17, 2017
@shawluvsbirds Dang, I was trying to get your screen name right to tag you but kept thinking it was shawn or alt spelling lol
That's ok :)
I don't have a whole lot to add just yet. .agree with mics.comment above. He may be in shock if this has just happened.
Keep him warm and calm like your doing and try to get some pictures or a video when you can.
There could be internal injuries you can't see.
If he will drink you might want to give some electrolytes in his water to help him gain back some strength. When he has rested up maybe you can evaluate him and look him over a little more. :hugs
Wishing you luck! Let us know how he does.


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Jul 23, 2018
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Can you post a picture?
How old is the injury?
What treatment (other than supportive care) have you provided?

I would take to the vet to check and clean wound, see what it needs. They may want to start preventive antibiotics. I would put electrolytes in the water. He may need pain medicine from the vet depending on severity. Would separate in separate holding area with own food/water. Maybe dip bill to see if you can get the duck to drink or dropper water in. Keep food/water close so does not have to walk to get. Just reach in with head. Good Luck!

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