I need input from I-Pad users - Please help!!! I am an Apple Idiot!!

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    My husband and I are both, largely, comoputer illiterate. We can work on word, email, surfing the net, etc. Pretty much the basics. If something goes wrong, and re-booting the computer doesn't fix it, we stuck. Pretty much, time to buy a new computer.

    The only thing I know less about than P.C.'s is the I-Pad. I know nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

    My husband has mentioned that he would like an I-Pad. Bingo!!! Christmas gift!!!

    What do I need to know? I know that he'd like it to have 3-G access (maybe they all do - I have no idea!).

    Thanks for your time, guys!!!

    eta - anyone know of any good coupon codes for Best Buy? I'm going to put it on my card so he doesn't see a check missing....
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    Quote:The iPad is EASY to use. Both my DH and I have one and we love it. It is very intuitive and you can get free and purchase applications (called APPS) to do many things. I even have my Netflix account on there. I also downloaded for free the Amazon Kindle app so I can, from my iPad download any book from Amazon. Apple has its own reader too called iReader, and it is VERY nice, but there are not many books available yet for it.

    The 3G access is very nice as you can have internet service anywhere and use many apps for travel, GPS, dining, etc you could not use without the 3G service.

    If you can, go to an Apple store and ask someone to play with one. They will give you a few pointers and leave you to play. You will see how easy it is to use.

    There are basically 6 versions of the iPad:

    3 have no #G access and vary only by how much memory they have

    The next three are the same, they wary only by how much memory they have, but they all have 3G access.

    If you go to http://www.apple.com/ipad/ and look at the prices. You can either order online or pick up at the store. They start at about $500 for the lowest memory, no 3G access.

    One bit of advice - make sure you get the AppleCare, which is Apple's warrantee. It is a must with the iPad. Get the 3 year coverage. It runs about $150 but well worth it. Also get the Apple cover for the iPad. Finally - I have not removed the plastic cover from the front of my iPad. Until Apple comes out with protectors (like we use for cell phone and camera screens) I am not taking it off.

    That is a start. Feel free to PM me if you have further questions!

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