I Need Photos Of Your Pets/Animals!


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May 25, 2019
Hello Everyone!

Bit of a random thread here but I thought I’d make it anyways!

So, a few of you know I like to draw in my spare time for a few hours each week.

Deciding what to draw is beginning to get hard and I end up struggling to decide on what I should do next.

I only ever work from my own photos but if any of you have any photos of your pets/animals, feel free to share them and I might give them a go one day.

Please only post photos you have taken and animals which you own!

Birds are highly preferred but any animal goes really! The more exotic, the better! However, dogs and cats I have little interest in drawing unfortunately.

I will only work from clear, well lit and high quality photos. If things are super dark and blurred, it’s kinda hard and strains my eyes.

I draw everything free-hand and they are coloured with pencils with the odd stroke of acrylic paint.

In the near future, I am hoping to get prints made of some of my artworks to sell locally but very little, if any, profit will be made on them.

By posting your photos, you are allowing me to get prints made of drawings if I choose to do so.

If I do draw your animal/pet, I will be keeping the original artwork. However, if I get prints made and all goes to plan, I’d happily post out a print of it to you for free. I’d just ask that you pay postage.

Any questions, please just ask! Remember, this is not a guarantee but just a thread so I have options and so that you are in with a chance of me drawing your animals!

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