I need some help identifying my little bantie from TSC.


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Mar 8, 2011
Hi everyone, i am new and can not post a picture yet. However i thought maybe with a good enough description you might be able to help me figure out what this little bantie from TSC is. I have one that is itty bitty (my favorite so far) and it is dark gray with a little lighter gray wings. The dark gray goes up the back of its neck to a point. Its adorable little face is all light yellow and poofy! Also it has the feathers all down his legs and feet, these are light gray with dark tips, yellow four toed feet. I am going to have to post a picture as soon as it lets me! Also i have another that i cant figure out but too hard to describe it on here. Thanks so much for all your help!



Hope these come through. I got the pictures uploaded. any help in identifying would be great thanks so much!
So cute! I got one too that's a bantam but I don't know what it is. Think it might be a Cochin? Mine looks like a penguin.


Maybe yours is too, or a Brahma? I don't really know anything about chickens with feathered feet.
aww hes a cutie! hope someone who knows something will visit this thread! ive google and googled all day long and cant find anything.
I got one of those little fuzzies too. I thought it was a golden seabright but they don't have feathers on their legs
thanks everyone! After looking up that breed i found some pictures and thats exactly what my little bitty looks like! wow i picked out three of those without knowing lol. Glad they will be good looking chickens! i love the unusal colored ones!

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