I need some ideas to make my coop larger.


Jun 8, 2022
My Coop
My Coop
I have 16 chickens because I got chicken buying crazy when my coop says it is only for 11. I let them free range during the day but I do not know if there is enough space for them at night. It is a Stockwell Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 11 Chickens by Tucker Murphy. Any ideas would help.
Are these the dimensions for it?
56'' H x 115.2'' W x 50'' D
Overall Square Feet
39.5 square feet
Overall Product Weight
159 lb.
For 16 chickens, you should be looking for a minimum of 64 square feet inside the coop. If you can provide some details on your climate and location, you will get much better advice regarding ventilation and other factors to consider. In looking at the Google image of the coop you referenced, the enclosed coop portion looks like it will need to be tripled or more. Can you provide some measurements for reference? It might be easier and more cost effective to just start over. If that’s not an option, you could start by thinking about enlarging and converting the run portion of your current setup into coop space by adding siding, a roof, access door, and ventilation. If you can provide photos of the inside and outside as it currently it built, that would also be helpful to get more specific recommendations.
Welcome to BYC. When it comes to having a rapidly expanding flock you're in good company.

If you put your general location into your profile people can give you better-targeted advice. Climate matters, especially when it comes to housing.

Hoop coops are some of the easiest and fastest things to build:

Stockwell Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 11 Chickens by Tucker Murphy
Please post pics and dimensions, or a link to the exact coop, so we can see what you're working with.

Oh, and.... Welcome to BYC! @gwuguccini
Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, and then it's always there!

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