I need some imformation on hatching call ducks


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Mar 20, 2018
Hi I am new to this and have some question about hatching calls
1. On what day does lock down start and end.
2. What should my humidity be at for the last few day before the hatch. And do I have to turn them during that period.
3. If I'm right I don't turn them will in lock down and how often do I candle the eggs.
4. Do I turn the eggs the first few day while there in the incubator before lock down.
5. What better for hatching calls a still air bator a one with a fan.
6. One last thing is there any best brand or model bator that's the best for hatching call.
Does any one have a preference for a hygrometer to use.
1. Lockdown for Calls starts on day 23.

2. Humidity should be 65% to 70% during the last three days. You do not turn them during this time.

3. You're right, no turning. I would candle every 12 hours to check how things are going because Calls often need help hatching.

4. Yes, you turn them for the first 22 days, and stop turning on day 23.

5. I prefer forced air; it's easier to maintain the temperature and you are less likely to get hot and cold spots.

6. I use a Brinsea. Tractor Supply just started carrying an incubator called the Nurture Right 360 that I recently bought and like and I bet it would do well hatching Calls. As far as hygrometers go, I use a digital AcuRite brand one that I like. But any brand will work, you just want to calibrate it to make sure it's reading correctly before you use it.

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