I need to get talked down a bit maybe

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    May 11, 2009
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    I am very nervous right now. I have posted before about the issues with my pediatrician of 10 years. The whole refusing to listen and do what I say without question or else attitude. I cannot go back. All the trust I had is trashed at this point. Its just not worth dealing with. Anywho I found a new pediatrician that is closer to home, still affliliated with the childrens hospital I take the kids to in an emergency, and its a new practice so they have room for us. All that was left is to get the kids medical records. Well i called and I cannot get copies of their records from the old pediatrician. I have to give the the name of my new pediatrician and they will call them and do a patient transfer. I am not allowed to see their records at all.

    I admit it right now I am feeling a bit threatened. I have no clue whats with this office now. I never had issues before. Nothing has changed except I dared to question the doctor . One bloody time in 10 years and all of a sudden I get comments like " the tests are normal and she is fine.....for now" or " If you question the need for more tests that could be considered neglect" or " If you do not agree with this advice then that might have to.....". I never refused to do anything yet but I questioned the need to repeat tests done already when the only issue is my daughter is small like me and 2 of her siblings and not 100%th percentile like her brother. She is tiny but she is growing, she had already had all the tests and a 2nd set of more expansive tests and me daring to question the need for a 3rd set has just set them off. Now I am not allowed to see their records? and they want contact with the new pediatrician? Not feeling comfortable about the whole thing.

    Actually I take that back I also questioned their discipline suggestion and vaccine suggestion. I wanted to split her vaccines up into 2 trips because she swells up so bad and gets fevers each time and she had 6 she needed. WOW they threatened to essentially kick me out and refuse to treat the kids anymore over that one. I also did not feel that turning my back and ignoring the baby any time she pitched a fit was a great plan. She was pitching a fit because she was scared of him and he wanted me to turn my back on her. ummmm no

    Ok so tell me I am freaking out for nothing please. tell me it will all work out. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with the new doctor who is very young. Looks just like my husband so the kids will be thrilled and was raised in our area so hopefully can relate to the kiddies.
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    Ive got that problem with the old staff who is like your doctor. I love my family doctor but his staff is saying no, you can not access to the folders, notes, etc. Why?! Something to hide?! I got no answers from them. So I switched doctors! They were not happy about it and they refused to transfer all my medical files for my family to this new doctor. What a jerk! Now they want money that they said I owed for the two visits because of their sloppy bookwork. Sorry I am not paying! And my bank said those fees were ALREADY paid and now they want to double dip?! I had alot of flack from them and said NO MORE after waiting for RX prescription to be filled after FIVE days when I NEED medications. Yep, I was nasty!

    If I were you, I'd go to the new doctor and try to sign some documents to have them release the medical files to your new doctor. Pitch a fit if they don't give it to the new doc!
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    I'm not a parent but some of that just doesn't seem right to me.
    First of all, you have a right to see the records. I believe there is a patient transfer deal they have to go through and probably do have to send it the way they said but you do have a right to them either way.
    I have questioned repeated tests myself so I don't think you're wrong to do it either.
    When a child is around an unfamiliar person, they tend to freak out. Especially when they're young. You should be there to comfort her and tell her it's okay. You shouldn't turn your back. That's like telling her that she can go off with strangers and you're okay with it.

    I think this doctors' office is being incredibly rude and controlling and you should pitch a fit.
    Maybe even go into the new office and ask them what's right and wrong.

    Congrats on getting out though. Sounds like the right choice to me.
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    Jan 8, 2011
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    You are absolutely entitled to a second opinion when it comes to health care. You are also within your rights to change doctors if you feel that is what is best for your daughter. Asking questions is a good thing.

    As far as the medical records, it is standard proceedure for the new office to contact the old to have the records sent over. Printing an entire medical history is very costly and time consuming for the doctors office. I know I have seen quite a few cases of people losing the records and then requesting they be reprinted. [​IMG] Strict privacy laws aslo play a factor in records just being handed over to the patient. I wouldn't take it too personally. [​IMG] The new office should allow you to review them there if you want to.

    I hope everything works out for you and your daughter. Changing docs is probably the right decision at this point.
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    Oct 7, 2011
    I would visit the office and request (ahem insist) the files. You may have to pay for the copies. You are being a good parent by wanting explanations and second opinions. Any doctor who refuses such basic expectations doesn't deserve for your business.
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    You are entitled to your records. However you need to go through medical records, no one at the desk, nurse nor doctor can give you those records. You need to go to medical records and sign a consent form. Also, they will directly transfer your records from drs office to drs office. Theres no need for you to be the middle man.

    As far as repeat testing, as a lab tech there are things in blood that can change within a day. However, as a patient you have the RIGHT to refuse blood work, procedures, everything. If they are thinking neglect, and even if you get investigated for neglect, it won't turn up anything. So stop worrying over them saying something about neglect. As far as discipline tell them "I am her mother, and I will make those decisions thank you". Do not let them push you around because they are a doctor. They are human beings also, have opinions, and can make mistakes as much as any of us.

    I think you are right going to a new ped for insight. Sometimes it's no fault of the previous dr, it's just needed to be viewed by new eyes.

    My son is in the 7% for height and weight and I have never had bloodwork done on him or been questioned about his weight. Does she have other issues going on? Or just the weight?
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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    No other issues at all. The only reason she had so much testing done already is she was born early and had a false positive for a genetic disorder involving processing protein. She was retested intensively and it was a false positive due to her being so early. She grew and gained fine UNTIL she got sick. The entire family picked up a wicked little bug that had she and I sick for over a month. I lost 10 lbs, she lost a lb. She gained a lb and a half back in a month but they said that wasn't fast enough and demanded a full panel of tests. We had to go to the hospital because no one else wanted to try to draw that much blood from her. I think we did like 6 or 7 vials. It was nuts. Took 3 nurses. Horrible horrible. i had questioned the necessity and was threatened at that point. Essentially there are no signs of neglect, they won't find anyone who would ever say she is neglected but by simply questioning them they said I was neglecting her. Its gone down hillfrom there.

    I agree her weight is low but I do everything under the sun to get her to eat more and gain. She is simply active and a picky eater. Its a work in progress. In the meantime I went with carnation instant breakfast to supplement. the doctor wanted me to use pediasure but no amount of pushing would get her to drink the stuff. It was suggested I force her. Developmentally she surpasses all her milestones. She has consistantly hit them early. She is super vocal and shocks everyone with how well she talks. She is not yet 2 and started potty training herself. She can ask for just about every food she likes, demands drinks, asked to go pee or poo. She hops around like a frog constantly. No issues on steps or with running. She does sleep less than I would like. We are lucky to get 6 hours and no naps. She wakes up and is already jumping. Insanity but the other kids were just like her. She can make the block towers the doctor wants all day long. She scribbles all over everything. I have swirls in 3 different colors going down the stairs right now to prove it. None of that makes a difference to them.

    I was TINY when I was little. I hit around 6 and just took off. I still remember sitting on the dinning room table and my mom tearfully begging me to eat more. I don't really like that memory and would prefer avoiding making another one with my kids. All the women in both sides of our family have been tiny as kids. Yes some of us lose that petite stature after kids but we are still under average in height. I think its time they just give in to genetics personally.

    I talked to the hubby and he is going with me to transfer the records and sign paperwork. I really hope the transfer is a quick process. I am very ready for a new doctor for the kids. I went through something similar with my personal doctor and ended up switching and its been great since. I found a doctor who would listen. I really hope it goes as well with the kids doctor. i am just nervous. They have sorta tortured me for the past 6 months and I just want it to be over. I was a great doctor who listens, has a good bedside with the kids and who can be respectful on a caring parents questions. I don't think I ask that much.
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    Mar 19, 2009
    This probably won't help, but when I have changed doctors or gone to a new one, I have just filled out forms at the new doctor's office authorizing him to get the medical records from the old doctor. I have never had to go to the first doctor to do so.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    I can see why you are changing doctors. [​IMG]
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    Oct 7, 2011
    Quote:I get the impression the OP wants to read the records. This is her right.

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