I need to Rant for a Moment about the VA & Navy......................

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    Hubby went to VA to asses his lung condition that he got, thanks to the Navy sending him into a hazardous waste locker when he first joined. [​IMG] . Navy only gave him 60% for two bad lungs. [​IMG] VA made him blow into all the tubes and stuff and told him he had to score at least 40 on it or he would have to keep coming back. He managed to make it to 40, then was bedridden for the next month because it irritated his lungs. Now the VA says because he scored 40 and the last Doc he saw in the military, who was a real jerk and only saw my hubby for med refills and decided to put in his record that his condition could improve, that they will only give him 60% too. He does not get both since they only let him do 17 years 3 months, and he's had this condition for 15 years without it improving, and all the med's he takes just to breath and all the other Doc's who really took care of him and knew his condition are gone, no one seems to give us the correct answers. They also said he did not go to the Doc's enough since out, even though it takes 3 months to get an appointment with the Doc and the ER had them give him Med's so he did not have to be their all the time........... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I'm just so mad and upset. They barley give us something to live off of and he has trouble finding a job because he can;t breath ..... [​IMG]
    OK I vented ...........[​IMG]
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    Well that just makes me mad,too! I'm a Navy brat. These are the men and woman who should be getting anything and everything they need.
    I see people who have never held down a job,have baby after baby that taxpayers have to take care of and they have tons of entightlement programs to choose from.
    Our veterans have to beg,plead and do without after putting their lives on the line for our country.
    SHAME ON THE VA! I want my taxdolloars to help vets!

    ps,I was a foster parent for 20 years and adopted 4 so I can speak from experience that the government bends over backwards to provide for those who should be and could be working.[​IMG]
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    The Navy has some of the worst docs ever. They seem to mostly be folks who couldn't get a job anywhere else.
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    File for SSI Disability, see a lawyer for this as it will help your case go better. Find one that specializes in SSI law. Also mention to the lawyer that you have been awarded only a 60%disability rating from the VA and you want to fight that as well. Most SSI lawyers will take the case on a contingency basis.

    You also should be contacting the Veterans Representative for Patient Relations regarding this matter at you local VA Hospital.

    Find out who your state VA rep is and contact him/her as well. Contact your State/Congressional Representatives and get them involved in this situation.

    His Medical Records should still be available through the Military Records section along with his service files. From them you should be able to track down the doctors that previously treated your husband.

    If he has seen any civilian doctors or been treated at any civilian hospitals you will need copies of those records as well.

    The VA may have it's faults, it's true, but they are trying to do the best that they can with the limited funds that Congress appropriates them. Here in the Louisville area we have over 200,000 Veterans, and our hospital treats about 189,000+ every year.

    They have started assigning Primary Care Physicians to veterans now, and yes it is a 3 month wait to see your doctor, however you can still go in on a walk in basis to the clinics if necessary without going to the ER.

    In any case, keep pushing it, don't settle for their initial determination, you have the right to appeal it.
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    No, please, vent away! I got out after 8 years because I worked in a mil hospital and watched veterans benefits go lower and lower. It is frustrating and disturbing and simply not worth it anymore. *sigh*

    I am so sorry for you and your husband. [​IMG]

    I do want to say I appreciate your husbands service, and your support of him while he served. Thank you!

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    Thank you for the advice, we will be appealing it and getting a second opinion from an outside Doc. [​IMG]
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    I totally understand. We've been fighting for the past 3 years for my DH to get 100% disability (he was in the army for 13 years and was medically discharged) Hes currently rated at 60% but due to his worsened condition is unable to work. PLEASE contact a local DAV rep (Disabled American Veterans) They will help you every step of the way. Also yes apply for SSI Disability and get a lawyer to help you (they will get a small amount of any back pay you might be awarded) but it is well worth it. And if you can make copies of his medical records for yourself. Things disappear from the files. I know from first hand experience, if I hadnt had the copies we wouldn't even be at 60%. And be patient it will take a while. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.

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