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M To The Maxx

10 Years
Jul 24, 2009
I had a baseball game today. It was a 2-1 count and I was at bat. The pitcher threw the ball and I thought it was going to hit me so I ducked and it would've hit me and he called it a strike!!!!! Then it was a 2-2 count and then the pitcher threw ball in the dirt and the umpire called it a strike!!!! On my way back to the dug out I said "oh my goodness" and then the umpire looked at me and said "may be if you would stop ducking maybe you would hit the ball" that really ticked me off!!!! I glad I got that off my chest.
Sorry Maxx! Hang in there.
The umpire is an idiot, and where was your coach to fight these calls? That Ump needs his eyeballs checked..... and a trip back to umpire class.....

What a schmuck....
The 1st base coach and 3rd base coach were fighting the calls but the umpire said if they made one more comment that they would be thrown out of the game.
I bet the ump was being paid off by the other team
to him anyways. It's sad when people like that are allowed to make the calls.
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