I need to rehome my flock of chickens


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Oct 11, 2020
Not yet, just made the decision this morning and wasn't sure it Craigslist is too sketchy these days. I would like for them to end up with someone who wants eggs and not meat, LOL
I am in NC and can meet halfway. How much? Will my two miniature diamond doves and one RingNeck be ok with them? I think so. Look on YT at my run I built under OhYe Nations channel


Oct 17, 2020
Hi, Arete.

Much sympathy to you for all you're going through.

If you're still looking for a home for your birds, I'm very interested.

I just had to reregister -- maybe too long since my last login? -- so I look like I'm brand new on the site, but have spent many hours here. After years of wanting chickens, but never managing to make the leap, I've finally ordered a coop. I'm gathering supplies and looking for chickens while I wait. Coop should arrive within ten days. Mfr says it fits up to 15 full-size chickens ... though reviewers say that's a tight squeeze.

I'm home nearly all the time, with acres of land, so the birds wouldn't have to be "indoors" except at night. ... If it really did turn out to be too crowded, I imagine I wouldn't balk at getting a second coop to accommodate them comfortably.

I really want to get my chickens all from the same place, so they're not stressed by unfamiliar roommates (nor possible stranger-contagion), on top of a new home and carer. For that and some other reasons, I'm really drawn to the flock you describe.

I'm in WV, about an hour from Ripley, which I see is about 170 miles from Dayton. It's obviously not an easy distance, but I'd be willing to drive a long way, to adopt such an ideal-for-me flock. I've never transported chickens before, and would need to educate myself about how that works ... especially re whether they'd fit in my car, or whether I'd need to bring my trailer, or borrow a pickup.

So. If you still have the birds, still need to find them a home, and can hang onto them for another week or two, please let me know. I'd be glad and grateful to adopt them, and I would do my best to provide the happiest possible home for them. (Keen concern for chicken welfare is what's made me so slow to take the plunge ... hyper-solicitous perfectionism does not help when trying to get started with chickens!)


Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
A happy ending! (Well, not the divorce part, sorry about that.) I am so glad you are able to keep your chickens. And I was happy to see wotcher willing to take them all.

What great people here on BYC. I love this place. :)


Oct 17, 2020
Hi, Arete. Thanks for replying.

If it were up to me whether you get to keep your beloved birds, or I get to adopt them, I'd definitely choose you getting to keep them. (More simply put: I'm happy for you.)

Good luck with the rest ... may you be well.

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