I needed to get this off my chest, it hurts

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    My favorite aunt and uncle are elderly now. They met as teenagers and have been utterly devoted to one another for more than sixty years. I see them every few months or so, and visited them in August. It was a visit we had planned over the phone, and when we arrived, they were suprised, but welcoming. They had forgotten the visit. I forget tthings, get days mixed, so no biggie.

    My cousin posted a request for boxes on FB, and I knew my uncle told me, over the phone about a month ago, that they were selling their condo to live in an assisted living facility becuase their condo had stairs, and he had fallen a few times. I was sad for them, but relieved they would be someplace safer. I knew my cousin's box request was for this move, so I messaged her that I would be praying for the move to go smoothly and that they would be happy in the new place.

    She messaged me back and told mt that my aunt was suffering from dementia. That it had been developing for about two years, but my uncle either was in denial or was hiding it from the family. She told me I could viist, that my aunt would still recognize me, but to wait a week to contact my uncle because he was in a catatonic state after attempting to take his life becuase he is losing my aunt to demetia. He was put on anti depressants and they are hoping they will revive him in a week or or so.My uncle is a christian man, they both are chirstians, and are the most beautiful example of my faith I could ever hope to know. They don't swear, don't gossip, are kind and generous, and God help me, this breaks my heart in half. He is all I have left of my father, who died in 1987. I cannot bear to think of him suffering through this. I NEVER imagined she would lose her grip on reality. I worried about one of them dying before the other.

    I know none of you know me, but I cannot stop thinking about this and just needed to vent, I guess.

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    Just want to say I am sorry you all are going through this. [​IMG]
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    Time takes a toll on us all.

    Do not dwell on their illness today, but cherish the memories they
    have given you. And you honor them by letting them know that they
    have touched your life forever.

    Spook...who hears you well

  5. Oh my, i am so sorry! It is so hard watching our loved ones get older and suffer. i've been through it far too many times. Hang in there and try to be strong for them. And come here as often as you need to share your feelings. i know many of us here will understand.
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    u will get better![​IMG]
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    Thank goodness they have family that loves them and cares about them

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    I am the caregiver for my 86 year old mom. I have had the privilege of caring for her for 3 years sharing stories, fixing the worlds' problems and generally clucking about whatever comes up.
    She has recently started to go downhill healthwise and is now basically in the palliative stage.
    Her mind is still as sharp as a tack and she knows she is near the end. She welcomes it really as each day is such a struggle as she loses ground.
    I sometimes think if her mind could go with the body wouldn't that be kinder? I guess nothing is easy about losing our loved ones and it will hurt however it happens.
    Let go and let God ! He is our strength.

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