I raise

turkey guru

10 Years
Nov 3, 2009
beltsville whites ( not miget whites) narrgansett, blue slate, bourbon reds,wild easterns,chocolates , black spainsh,royal palms! all four breeds of plymouth rocks, barred ,buff, partridge ,white!!! pigeons peacocks,2 kinds of pheasants and 6 hunting dogs huge garden!! tom
You will have to show us pics. I bet they are beautiful.
why yes they are!! these boys are primed up ready for spring! lots of feet stompin dancing going on!!! yeh hah!!!! sold 1,100 poults last spring no shipping ,1wk old!!! no day olds!!! tom
swap meets, auctions, farmers markets, organic farms, and a lot of homested farmers . I have no limit!!! tom! I hatch about 60 eggs at a time! and have all the adults here!!!
Where are you located incase we are interested.

Yes it would be nice if you post where ur from I looking for some Blue Slate Turkey​
westcoast shelton washington. love to sell you guys some poults and its a nice drive!!!!!!!!! tom

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