I ran from my rooster

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    Sep 15, 2019
    Ok, I’m a chicken. I’ll admit it.
    It started inside the coop where he blocked me from walking out of the coop. So I went all the way around the pin to attempt to walk around him, but he moved towards me and got closer. I didn’t see much of a threat because he was pecking at the ground ( later learning they do this to pretend they aren’t watching you)
    So I walked past him and he got mad! He charged after me. I wasn’t expecting it and instantly got scared. I tried to stand my ground and face him, but he charged me again. I was walking backwards, tripped a Little and spilled two cartoons of eggs. Some landed on him and that really made him mad and he charged me again. I regret this next part completely but did it totally in fear. I was in our field d and had nothing to defend myself with so I threw eggs at him. Yikes. !! That made it even worse. I ended up running away

    I was so scared. But then I thought what did I just do to our relationship. ?!! I didn’t wanna be attacked and i am clearly a chicken to not stand my ground. I fear I’ve ruined the relationship. And honestly I’m scared of him now.
    thoughts or tips? I feel it’s almost best to rehome him. I have littles to. So I def. don’t want them attacked
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    Sorry that you are dealing with this. We shouldn't have to be scared of our birds. Roosters can be rehabilitated (never with 100 % trust in my experience). In your situation it really sounds as if he should find a new home or the freezer.
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    Some folks on here will tell you that you can show him you are the boss (Not hurting him) and he will submit to you or at least avoid you. But that takes some time and determination. I didn't have that when my BCM cockerel got pretty darn mean. I could never go out to the pen without taking a broom to defend myself. He chased my company even when he was outnumbered about 6 to 1. I decided I didn't need a rooster. I ended up getting rid of him.
    There are lots of articles on here about taming down a mean roo if you are determined to keep him. But if you have little kids around, I advise you to get rid of him. You don't want a child attacked.
  4. First of all, it's not surprising that you were taken off guard and reacted emotionally and protected yourself. He was, after all, attacking. Secondly, I doubt you did anything to get in the way of your relationship with this roo. He's acting out his hormones. He doesn't know you and he had a relationship that's at stake. He just knows what hormones and rooster instinct tell him to do when something as big as you "threatens" the flock.

    As others said, now that you're aware what you're up against, you can undertake a program of taming him or at least establishing dominance. I had a flat out gorgeous French Black Copper Rooster that I tried very hard to "civilize". But, in the end, he didn't get the concept of being a bird we could live with and I couldn't risk my grandson being the one to be attacked. I wish you more success than I had.
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    Oct 14, 2019
    how old is your rooster?
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    May 4, 2015
    Oh, no! I did this. You are never suppose to run from a Rooster. You have to tell him you are boss, in our case boss of the run. Chase him around for a while. He did this because he was coming after me so hubby took care of running after him. Then he came after hubby.

    Ours is only a cockerel yet so we or him went into training mode. I was putting feed in their container and he only being under 6 months a few months ago flew up behind me and I felt his wings hit the back of my back, then it was legs. I followed a post that is on this board how to train a Rooster. I ran after him through our 10x20 run, it was funny like he was looking like what was that for. When he ran the girls did too. We only had to do this three times so far. He came up behind me one time collecting eggs and I did not know it, I turned out and I quietly walked out of the coop. I read to yell at him so we do this if we have too. Hubby took him around the run several times. By looking at him he is saying what did I do. When I was collecting eggs I shut the dog door flap to keep him out for a few days and he didn't do this in the coop any more. He is close to seven months now. Time sure flies. Keep something near you regardless if you're in the coop or the run that you can grab. I grabbed a rake. Do not get down at eye level with him either.
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    Sep 3, 2019
    I have used "chicken jail" and water guns on roosters before. Water guns are great for distance,and I can't run like I used to!:lol:
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    A good question indeed is how old is your bird?? There are a few things to try to establish dominance. I personally have scooped up my BJG cockerel and used my finger as a "beak" and pecked the back of his head gently but firmly until I made his head go down below his body. After a session or two of this he has changed quite a bit. He is even a bit less skittish with me holding him now, and he still keeps a good watch on his ladies and will guard them quite ably if need be, except now he will not even mock charge me when I pick up one of his flock.
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    My daughter got attacked by one of our cockerels, not too long ago. I'm going to suggest something for you to try. Next time you go to your coop, take a broom, yardstick, or a tree branch, mostly stripped of the leaves, and twigs in with you. Walk straight up to the cockerel, and tap him on the butt, and get him moving out of your way. Now keep walking behind him. Tap his butt, and keep him moving away from you. Don't run, just walk behind, and tap his butt, every time he doesn't move out of your way. Stop, and watch him. Is he leaning on one shoulder? Is he giving you stink eye? If so, keep walking behind him a little more, and keep him moving out of your way. If not, proceed to do chores, keeping your "rooster stick" either in your hand, or in the crook of your arm. If he approaches from behind, tap his butt, and get him moving out of your way. When you feed, let them come up, but tap his butt, so he leaves the area. Now, walk out of the coop area. If he follows behind you, turn and get him moving out of your way again. Do this every time you go into your coop/run area for a week. You should notice a change in his attitude at the end of the week.
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    I'm sorry that your facing this. Re-homing the rooster sounds like the best thing to do in your situation.
    Take some photos, post them on Craigslist, social media and even here on BYC https://www.backyardchickens.com/forums/chickens-8-weeks-older.35/
    Hopefully someone will take him.
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