I really need help on transporting the chickens!


Jun 26, 2012
I am moving to canada in a couple months, and it takes 4 days to get there. We are going to ride in the uhaul for 4 whole days,
how do you think they can live it, put them in a dog crate? Are we allowed to put live animals in a moving truck? Should I put them in the truck or the front seat? I know it sounds crazy.
They would make it if you kept them fed and watered. I don't know about the rules for the moving truck. IMO, if you're the driver and you're packing your stuff, why would the company have to know if you are moving chickens. Just keep everything clean and dry. Use nipple waterers instead of bowls to keep the water from sloshing around.

Definitely in the box/truck area. A dog crate with solid sides should work. Put your shaving in there and get a feed cup for the door.
Have you checked to make sure you can bring them? It sounds like you are moving to a new country and different countries have different rules about bringing in animals. I don't know about Canada. May want to check if you haven't.

I would put them in a dog crate with you in the cab if they can fit. If it is at all possible to let them out a little along the way for small breaks then I would do that.
Thank you so much, this really helped me, I am so glad that I know how to bring them becuase I was desperate of bringing the chickens
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Anytime you cross state lines in the US you are suppose to have have papers with them showing the test they have had. I know I am only going 400 miles this late Nov. with mine and I had them A1 tested and pylorrum and have papers and leg bands for each if needed. I have been building just little 4ft.x16" two by two pens with wire sides and 2x2 frames. Whew! lots of work. Mine will be in a wind protected trailer. I would worry about them smothering in a Uhaul type trailer. Chickens do not do well in heat from metal closed in areas. I was told to freeze small cucumbers overnite and slice them to put in the cage with them. They get lots of moisture from that and they have no mess. I will be stopping along the way to offer scratch and water in little plastic cups attached to the wire. Good luck with your move. i am not looking forward to mine. I know it will stress my flock of 12 hens and one roo. I hate having to do this. Gloria jean
most placed going from country there are quinten times and strickes rules with animals so most deft contact canda see what you will need at the border crossing as far as paperwork goes you dont want to go all that way with them to find out they will not let your girls in. I wojld also put them up front with you if possable. but first and formost find out what you need to do to get them into canda

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