I rescued a neglected rabbit and its sick.

Jan 1, 2019
So I saved a rabbit that was in a cage on the ground with no water or food. Just the grass on the ground. It looked on the skinny side. I knocked on the door and asked them about the rabbit. They said she was sick and that's why she was so skinny. I just figured it was bull. So I asked if I could take it and they were happy to let it go. The rabbit is a mini rex female about 2 and a half years old. I have had this bun for two weeks. Thinking I would fatten her up and all would be good. Well she rapidly lost more weight. She acts happy and does eat plenty and drinks water. She doesn't act sick. But she has lost so much muscle mass. Her hind legs are literally bones and skin. She does use the back legs but not as well as when I first got her. So I figured it was worms from the grass she ate. So I got some evermectin for horses bc it's the only wormer I could find. And gave her a rice grain amount yesterday. After researching ahe acts to me like she might have e cuniculi. And the recommended meds for that is panacur. Problem is no one carries that for rabbits just horses. Does anyone know if it's safe to give this to her when I just gave her the other meds. Should i wait a few days? I know not to give more then a pea size dose but I dont want to make her sick. Anyone have any experience with this.
So them folks weren't lying! Why do we always assume the worst about people? :confused:

I once had a dog that kept losing weight like that despite being wormed. I finally made a vet appointment and while waiting noticed the very swollen glands in the throat. Turned out to be cancer and we had to put him down at only 7 years old. :(

Good for you for trying to help the bunny out! @casportpony is our med guru. @Eggcessive is also experienced in the med department. Maybe one of these peeps will be able to give you more information.

Are you able to seek veterinary help or get a fecal float done? :fl
According to a couple of sites I looked at, treatment for E. Cuniculi is fenbendazole (Safeguard or Panacur) at 20 mg/kg once a day for 28 consecutive days. To treat the rabbit you need to weigh it, then give 0.09 ml per pound of body weight. This amount is for Safeguard and Panacur liquid or Safeguard and Panacur horse paste.

"What is the treatment for E. Cuniculi?
Treatment aims to reduce inflammation and prevent formation of spores. If a diagnosis is made or clinical symptoms indicate E. Cuniculi to be the cause of disease, a 28-day course of oral fenbendazole, e.g. PanacurT, at 20 mg/kg once a day is the general treatment of choice, plus anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids.

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I sent your post to a lady I know that has raised rabbits for years to see what she would recommend doing. This is her reply.

"Direct them to the group 'Backyard Meat Rabbits' on Facebook. Have them post the same post and their location once the group accepts them as a member. Also tell them that Safeguard horse worker is Panocur. Just put a tiny drop on top of the pellets and the rabbit will snarf it right up. It tastes like apple. He might try adding some calf manna or black oil sunflower seeds to her pellets for weight gain. Also plenty of quality hay. They can also have papaya and banana"
She also posted your post as a courtesy post on Backyard Meat Rabbits. One of the members replied and said this.
"Check out this link, http://medirabbit.com/ . You can also check out the group for dosages. I'd probably treat for cocci too. Corrid or tortruzil."

Hope this helps you and best of luck with your rabbit!!
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