I saw my ducks eating a cane toad

Dec 6, 2019
As far as I know cane toads are poisonous but yeah yesterday I caught my ducks eating a live cane toad like a hoard of zombies. The ducks are still alive and healthy but I was so scared when they are able to tear apart and devour an amphibian known to be poisonous. It is a large cane toad and 1 drake and 3 girls ate poor Kermit until nothing is left. #traumatized.

Usually when it is rainy season, I use to hear mating calls from cane toads but not anymore. Now I know. My ducks obliterated the cane toad population.


Dec 1, 2019
Jackson, Tennessee
you seem to be pretty fixated on balut
You know how you might say, "Aw, that duckling is so cute I could just eat it up." With balut you're literally doing that. It's sort of a fascinated horror growing from my own cultural outlook. Figure there's plenty of people that would view what Americans eat in the same way. "Hot dogs? Don't you know what goes into those things?!"
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Oct 3, 2009
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Thankfully we don't have cane toads here, but first time I saw one of my birds eat a frog was disgusting. And the whole flock was chasing her down trying to take it from her. Our toads excrete a nasty something though because our birds stay away from them. Once one of my Dachshunds thought she'd get hold of a toad and she had foam coming out of her mouth. she never messed with one again. I did witness one of my Muscovy females catch an eat a copper head snake. She lived. lol


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Jun 25, 2019
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My Coop
We USED TO have a beautiful koi pond in our yard. Plants, fish, bullfrogs...full of life! Then the ducks came along...and they were enjoying this beautiful pond 🥰 started seeing less and less aquatic life...finally caught Tom the drake munching on a 4yr old koi 😭😭

After the ducks had eaten all the life out of the pond, we just took it out. They had also blown up 2 pumps with their mess! Unfortunately before I realized a decorative pond with waterfowl was not feasible, we had already excavated a giant hole in our yard...which is getting filled in this Spring, baby pools will just have to do!!
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