I think I can, I think I can...........


Canning Squirrel
11 Years
Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
No, bad attitude. I know I can, I know I can. I am going to quit smoking this time! I want to, I need to, I HAVE TO!!!!! I failed miserably on the New Years quit.....I still feel like crap over that one. But, I want this so much. So, when I finished my pack this afternoon I said that's it. I haven't had one in a few hours and I must admit I have been looking around thinking maybe I lost one somewhere *sigh*


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10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
Nicotine patches or gum or whatever they have these days. Chantix, which is awful. Or snuff, also awful, but leaves the lungs alone. Anything. Believe me. OR.... you finally reach 62 and can retire but you can't do anything because you can't breathe.

Dieters have to allow themselves to keep dieting even if they eat a piece of chocolate cake. Not recommended -- but also not a reason to give up getting thin.

DO NOT give in. Get over it. We all know better. And you do not want to get where there is so much damage it is hardly even worth it to stop.

Believe me.


11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
N.E. Ohio
Keep plugging away. I'm in the process too. I highly reccomend the patch. It really takes the edge off. If you make it a couple weeks it gets a lot easier. However, you must still keep your guard up. For me, I hate people telling me why I shouldn't smoke. Is there a smoker left who doesn't know they should quit and why? Not likely. My wife is quitting too. She won't wear the patch because it burns her arm. It does for me when I first put it on, but it has made it soooooo much easier that it was worth it to me. GLGLGLGLGL


11 Years
Jan 19, 2009
new zealand
Seriously... when you're ready, there's nothing in it... I quit almost 2 years ago (23 years over a pack a day), cold turkey, no craving. As long as you have a reason, you can do it....

Mine was to shut the wife up from saying I can't do it... she only realise I quit on day 3.


Canning Squirrel
11 Years
Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
Thanks everyone!!!! I woke up feeling pretty confident. I am really going to do everythingn in my power to make this work. I wish I ccould use the patches. I havfe tried them before and more than even burning my arm, they burn my veins!!! It is AWFUL! I can feel it going through my veins and it is quite painful. Sooooooo..........for now at least, I am going to try it on my own.

Good luck, Domino........we can do this!!!!

Whispering Winds

11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
Good Luck, have you thought about acupuncture? When I worked for the chiropractors, Dr. B did it to several people and it was quite successful. And it doesn't hurt a bit the way they talked. My husband just said yesterday he needs to think about it very seriously, as he has so many health issues as it is. . .that is one thing I am soooooo glad I didn't start. I am a junkaholic as it is; Little Debbie use to be my best friend, but I am trying to make that snacky stuff from scratch!!!


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12 Years
Dec 26, 2007
Good Luck Christy!

I know you can do it i am here for you every step of the way

Same to you domino7 we are all here for ya through this!

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