I think I exploded one of my hatching eggs

TK Poultry

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May 25, 2009
Greencastle, Indiana
i was adding some water in the incubator and setting a new batch of eggs and i see all of this yellow goo and stuff all over this egg and on the wire in the incubator.... i dont know what happened the egg is like stuck in the turner and i dont want to open the bator too much but i have no idea what happened!
You are better to try to clean up the mess, bacteria will grow in the incubator and cause more harm than having it open for a couple minutes while you wipe it up. Make sure nothing got on the neighbor eggs the dried egg can block the pores and smother the chick.
well it took me forever to get it out it was all stuck i thought maybe my humidity was out of wack and lucky me my hydrometer is broke so im just guessing so..... and the egg broke in like half and i have no idea how im going to get that goo out of there im posting pix right now. at first glance it looked like one had pipped but come to find out (from records) this egg wasnt due to hatch until the 13th. but im going to get pix on here if the computer will cooperate

this is a really bad picture of what happened but im freaking out on the verge of tears what the crap am i going to do!!!
Hi there!

Don't be upset now....that egg was a bad egg, thus exploding due to bacteria building up on the rotting insides. Can you take that particular tray out of your egg turner? Remember that a broody hen gets off of her eggs once a day to relieve herself, and eat and drink. So I would suggest you don't panic, just open up your incy, and clean that out. The bacteria can be harmful to the rest of your eggs.

Just make a plan and do it quickly. Everything will be OK. You can safely lift the lid of your incy once a day, for about 20 minutes. (As long as it's not the last 3 days.)

Good luck to you Dear!

Take the eggs out of the incubator, put them in egg cartons or large bowl and cover with a towel. They will be fine. Remove turner and then remove soiled rack and soak with hot soapy water. It will come off. Do the same with wire rack and liner. You can even add a couple of tablespoons of bleach to rinse water if wanted. Dry and put back together. Put your eggs back in and you are good to go. Wouldn't add too much water at first since your humidity will be up from things being wet. I would candle to make sure you don't have any more surprises
Try to put the eggs to the opposite side and slowly lift the turner to clean under it with dry paper towels or a really hot rag. Just unplug it while you are working on it. I had to switch incubator last hatch and still ended up with 85% out fine. A minute or two open won't hurt too bad. IF you have a space heater turn it on in the room first to get it real warm in there so your temp won't drop too much.
I would agree Tricia, remove the eggs and keep them under wraps to keep them warm and clean and sterlize that incubator quickly. You will be fine and the eggs will be fine.

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