I think I have a dumb question - droppings tray

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  1. acissej

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Duvall, WA
    I'm getting a coop in a few days that has a droppings tray. Can someone explain this to me? How does this work with the litter? Doesn't the litter and everything else just fall into the droppings tray or prevent the poop from dropping in? I guess I haven't ever seen one in person to know how it works.
  2. Hi, I use a droppings board under my roost. BEST thing I ever talked my DH into doing. Makes cleanup SOOOOOOO much easier. (Sorry, I have no pictures uploaded at this time.)

    I found another thread you might check out


    Let us know what you decide.
  3. Hillbilly Hen

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    Apr 11, 2009
    Newaygo Michigan
    I just put one in my coop and I agree it is the best thing for clean up.

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