I think I have a mite problem please help!!


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When I woke up this morning I found a young Hen dead, upon examining her, I noticed little brown bugs on her, I looked at a few other birds in the same coop and seen none on them, did the bugs/mites kill her? she has never shown any sign of sickness even look great yesterday. so now that I seen these bugs how do I get rid of them safely? I have never had to deal with this before and do not know what to do or how to do it, someone please help me!!!


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Yes they can kill a bird by making them so weak they pass. I would look at the link above & plan to treat asap the entire flock as there is always one bird that has it worse than the other but they do have them just not as bad yet. I can't think of the name of what I use right now.

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Hi I also have a mite/lice My roo is very sick I dont know what to do I posted about him but no responses yet I believe he has lice they are whiteish color I have dusted all my flock I seperated him from the rest as he is the only one who is acting weird I also think he is molting Search for treatment for mice/lice there is tons of info to help you. At night is when you can see the mites the best Good luck to you Sorry about your loss

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