I think I have a rooster.should I keep him if he is?

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  1. Cluckcluck1215

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    Hi,there.i think I might have a SLW rooster,if he/she is,should I keep him/her?what are the pros,and the cons?ive never had a rooster before,and if I do,I might let one of my hens hatch the eggs,but.......I don't know if I'm ready.and for extras,I have 4 one year old hens,and one 7 year old hen,and also 5 two week old hens with the maybe two week rooster,is that anof if she is really a he?i hope I'm posting the right area.oh,and I also have 2ducks,a male and female,if that counts.thanks
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    I assume roosters aren't prohibited in your area. My opinion is that roosters at not a problem. We have always had at least one, even when the flock was only 6 chickens. Since he is young and is going to grow up with them, he should keep a pretty good demeanor towards them. I know a lot of BYC people can't have or don't want roosters. We live out in the woods and I like that the rooster adds another level of defense from predators. Plus he tends to break up the hens fighting.
  3. Cluckcluck1215

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    They aren't,but,is it ok to have one with 7 yr.old hen?
  4. Dmontgomery

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    That's a good question. My oldest hen is 3 and the oldest rooster is only 1. They get along great. She fostered his chicks this year and hatched out 3 of his babies. She follows him everywhere now that she has weaned them.
    Your 7 year old is probably queen of the coop. Are the chicks in the coop or a brooder? Does she still lay? Keep him a few months and see how they interact. Depending on their personalities it might work out fine.
  5. Cluckcluck1215

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    Well,I have 5 chicks in the brooder with the maybe rooster.yes,she is the queen she does lay.i will keep you updated,I hope she is not a he :fl :fl
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    I have a seven year old leghorn in my flock who had no roo with her until a year or so ago. She used to be head hen, but she is very happy with my roo who grew up in her pen. I currently have two roosters in two separate pens with about 25 layers each. One of the Roos started with 7 hens. The only problem was that he over mated them, but making them chicken saddles/aprons solved that problem. I have found it a great advantage having the roosters to keep the peace, protect the flock and look after the ladies, as well as allowing the hatching of chicks. Go for it and see if your roo has a nice personality. Good luck.
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    I would say wait and see how it goes. Some first time rooster keepers don't understand rooster behavior and how to interact with them. They often have their rooster turn mean. As far as older hens he will probably ignore her and focus on his group that he's growing up with during his first year. During his second year he may be more confident. He will probably go through a horrible teenager stage where he causes all kinds of ruckus trying to mate and dominate. I have more than a dozen roosters, they do add stability to a flock, but can be a pain until they mature.
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    I think the fact that you do have the older hens will likely work in your favor. They will help (a lot) to school the young cockerel and teach him how to be a good citizen.
    I also believe that once mature they reduce the amount of squabbling between hens and will help make future integration's go more smoothly. No guaranties though.

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