I think I might have a rooster

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by angels4, May 13, 2009.

  1. angels4

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    I picked up my "girls" last week at 8 weeks old, yesterday I was out sitting with them and it struck me that one of the BO's had a large amount of head gear, the tail feathers are starting to droop down a bit and there appears to be little tiny bumbs developing on the back/side of it's leg's (tiny spurs maybe) I'm hoping it is just a matter of her/him being a little older than the others, but I'm starting to wonder.
    What do you all think just from the picture attached. I can try to get a clearer shot of her/his backside (to include legs) if that would be more helpful. Thanks in advance.
    She/He is the BO at the center of the picture.
  2. Kezzie

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Coastal Georgia
    Looks like a very handsome young man...
  3. angels4

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    I was afraid that is what I would hear. Thanks for responding. I would LOVE to keep him, but I'm not allowed roosters because of resrictions.
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  4. Polish Chickens

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    May 9, 2009
    My guess is that it is a roo
  5. ThreeBoysChicks

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Thurmont, MD
    Looking at the head and the but feathers you can see in the pic, I would say Roo. As for spurs, even hens get little bumps sometimes, but they never develop.

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