I think my rooster killed one of my hens :-(

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    This afternoon I went out to the back yard and see my rooster 'mating' a lump of feathers in an odd fashion. It just looked wrong. I went to check it out and it was one of my young pullets. Her neck was broken, and she had a bloody wound on the back of her neck. Let me give you the facts then let me know what you would do.

    I have a mixed flock and he's never been aggressive with any chicks introduced to the flock, or any brood hatched into the flock. He's a good daddy chicken. Very protective. He's 4 years old. Half Silkie, half Golden Comet. His name is Axel and he's my baby so I'm way biased.

    Last July I 'adopted' 3 almost grown "Red Star's" and kept them separated from my flock for a quarantine period. They have been with my flock for a little over a month but they keep to themselves and Axel never really took to them. They just started laying and I've noticed their eggs are not fertilized.

    I have noticed Axel chasing them around the yard but it appeared he was just trying to do what all roosters do. The new girls always play hard to get... so I'm wondering if maybe this was just an accident, a crime of passion or do I need to worry that my pretty boy has turned into a monster...
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    Some rooster can get very aggresive ! I had to give away one rooster because he was drawing blood out of my hens. But make sure you dont have any predators, weasels, rats, racoons ,foxes can to this.

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