I think one of my geese eat something bad help

Discussion in 'Geese' started by cat1994, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    So one of my female geese has been acting weird lately, she seems to not be feeling well. It has been really hot for a while so I thought maybe it was just the heat, but now I think she may have eaten something bad for her. She walks slow, sits often, doesn’t keep up with the other two. She sits at the edge of the pound alone, and she doesn’t stretch out her neck like she should, plus she lets her wings hang loose a lot, they are all really loud usually, but she barley ever talks. She has gotten a lil better lately so I think she is coming out of it but I can’t seem to figure out what is up with her, can anyone help? thanks

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    Sorry I can't give any helpful advice about what to do if your goose ate something she shouldn't. But I was shocked the other day to see one of my Pilgrims pick up something (looked like a stone) and roll it around in her mouth. I started to walk towards her to see what she had and she dropped it. It was a piece of glass!!!! I scouted the lawn area and found several other pieces and disposed of them safely. So you never know what she could have swallowed whether plant life or otherwise.
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    Quote:So true, I try my best to keep any and everything out of my goose ducks and chickens way but needless to say I'll go walk out there in the yard and look down and find something they could easily eat. My duckling was laying on the driveway[gravel] and picked up a roofing nail from a few years ago. I ran quickly and got it out of her mouth. Might try giving her some molasses in her water, that is suppose to help flush any toxins out. Hope she gets to feeling better real soon. [​IMG]
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    If you think the goose has eaten something bad for them, you can feed some activated charcoal. You want to buy the kind that is made for human consumption. It is given for poisoning because it absorbs the poison.

    You goose could be having other problems. She might be injured, might be egg bound (less likely this time of year since she should be finished with laying). Have you checked the bottom of her feet for bumble foot? Checked her bill for injuries or fish hooks?

    It's a good idea to routinely inspect their area for harmful plants or items. Stuff, like glass, can come to the surface of the dirt. It won't be there one day and then there it is the next. So you have to check often.

    Also fences need to be checked often. They occasionally need repairs and you don't want to wait until the predators get in before you realize the fence has a hole in it.

    Learn to identify toxic plants in your area and make sure they aren't allowed to grow in your poultry area.

    In the heat, you have to watch for toxic algae blooms. That means frequent water changes with the container scrubbed and occasionally sterilized.

  5. cat1994

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Thanks for all the help guys. My geese are totally free rang with access to 3 ponds and a wetlands for water except at night (when I pen them up) so she really could have got in to any thing. I walk around but I have too much land to get every thing. I will follow your advice and give he the stuff to absorb poison just in case she did get into some bad plants. She is not laying so she can’t be egg bound but I did catch her as soon as I noticed she was acting off and took a good look at her, nothing was off except she didn’t look as smooth as usual (you know what I mean) her feathers weren’t as neat and tidy as the other two are, I know she is not molting b/c all three of them went through that already. Anyway she does seem to be coming out of it (whatever it is).

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