I think the most humane way to kill a chicken is *GRAPHIC POST*

Not too sure on the whole "electrocuting to kill" being the best way to do this . They try to tell you it's not painfull , but being an apprentice electrician I can tell you that having electricity going through you ( Be it 24v or 480v ) hurts like hell ! The higher the voltage the more it hurts . I would DEFINETLY not do this to anyone or anything . The least painfull/stressfull way to cull is the axe , plain and simple . Nice info though and thanks for sharing !
i been electrocuted plenty of times. Ones when we had to tie our dog to a radiator (he was a dalmation) she ripped out the radiator and the water was gettting into the plug shocking her. I took the pain by holding the metal leash and trying to unlatch her. Then my all time fave is when I was setting up christmas light. my brother was to lazy to unplug them and saw a broken one. Put my fingers on it to untwist and I shocked myself off the ladder and into the bush. oh what fun!
I don't agree with this method of culling either! I am with you on this one unionwirewoman. I wouldn't cull anyway just because it is a roo, but that is mho.
I agree with unionwirewoman whole heartedly. And electrocution is NOT painless. I as well as froggie have experienced it first hand. I have no problem with raising animals for food, but I do have a problem with how inhumanely they are sometimes put down.

red rooster: Just a suggestion, but I would highly suggest putting a "Graphic Video" warning in the subject of this post. That clip was certainly not for the faint of heart.
Best way to cull a chicken is to simply just pull it's head off, always has been, always will be. Quick as it gets. JMO
Can't see the video (youtube blocked at the office,) but I've read that electrocution is bad because it doesn't allow for bleeding- when the heart stops, so does blood flow, leaving it in your meat.

In this video he only electrocutes it long enough to knock it unconscious. He then took a pair of scissors to the inside of the hens throat to slice the jugular and cause the hen to bleed out.

Mods, can you please edit this subject and put a "graphic" warning on this? I would hate to have someone stumble into here and read this post unprepared... :|
If you have never been around a slaughter house I can understand the not being sure electrocution works or isn't painful opinions.

I grew up on a cattle farm. When our cows went to the slaughter house they were humainly put down by the butcher using electricity.

I do agree with the comments in the film clip about respecting the life of the chicken and giving it a good life up to the point it will be processed.

I see nothing at all wrong with the clip. Yes, it is graphic. This is one part of the real world of the price paid for the meat on your table.

I would much rather raise and feed my extra roos and meat birds, giving them a good life and processing them for food on my table than to continue to eat abused, sick, often mistreated animals all prettily wrapped in plastic on a little tray in store with piped in music.

I truly believe Americans are so very far removed from their food sources that they have lost the ability to see clearly the processes involved in getting those clean and tidy plastic wrapped trays of meat at the grocery store.

A life-price is paid for every single piece of meat put in your mouth. I prefer to choose how that life was lived out, that it was respected and the quality of life was the best there is to offer.

Thanks for posting this red rooster.

I would like to see his entire series on chickens.
Thank you for posting your response.
That is the reason I have just started raising our own chickens,but after watching them grow for the past couple of weeks my family and I are going to be vegetarians.

We will eat lots of eggs of course.
My chics are two weeks old now,and I can't believe they started flying on their 8th day of life.

Thank you all for all your informative and kind advice.

P.S. I didn't watch the video,you could say I'm "Chicken"
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