I think there's something wrong


Oct 17, 2021
We've had this chick for two days and today it's really weak. It can't stand or walk even though I think it's legs aren't spread out, every now and again it does this thing where it gasps for air,it's eyes are closed most of the time (it does open them sometimes though),it won't really eat or drink,and it still chirps most of the time! Please help I'm not sure if it's dieing or just really weak

It also keeps falling/laying on its side which doesn't look too great


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How are the other chicks - are they eating/drinking and active/happy in the brooder?

Could this little one walk/eat/drink for the first 2 days you had her?
Photos of the brooder set-up may help. What's the temperature on the cool and warm side?
What are you feeding?/

She's not doing very well. You can try giving her 2-3 drops of poultry nutri-drench twice a day. Work on giving her some warmed sugar water too - just a drop or two at a time. You want her hydrated.
Keep her warm, but check frequently to make sure she's not overheating.

Is her vent clear of pasting? Have you see her poop at all during the time you've had her?

Some chicks, sadly fail to thrive. Hopefully she will come around.

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