I thought she was a pullet...but not sure now!


6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
This bird is a Ranger...not sure if that's a real breed, but she was bought from a lady that has created her own breed mix! Supposed to be a pullet.

This ones neck feathers all of a sudden turned white and pointy like, they stick out, almost look like sticks. And the tail feathers are looking different too. Like they are curling under/down/floating. Hmmm...Roo or pullet???

The neck feathers are mostly pin feathers, the sticks are new feathers growing in. How old is it? I can't decide on boy or girl, its face is pink and it looks kind of rooish but the barring color makes it hard to see saddle feathers or anything in that picture.
Hmmmm I would expect a larger comb at this age. It looks like it has barred rock in it so I would kinda expect it to look like this.
My 12 week old cochin cockerel has a larger comb than your chicken.
I re-thought her age and she's less than 12 weeks old maybe 10. And since I took that picture her comb has gotten redder and I see the formation of saddle feathers. Granted I'm new at this, but I'm 90% sure they are saddle feathers. :(

Thanks for everyones input, I sure do appreciate this site and all on it!

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