I understand the business analysis, but man cornish x feel wrong!


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I'm not criticizing cornish x people! Yes, I've started threads before begging for someone to tell me there is a non-cornish meat, business model that works; and I've seen that there is hope from some people. I don't think there is anything wrong morally, or whatever, or that the meat from cornish x is unhealthy, but the whole thing just feels nasty. I feel sorry for the birds trying to free range, and running out from the tractor flapping their wings and eating two bites off a leaf before sitting back on their belly exhausted. Meanwhile, my seven 2-yr old free ranging heritage breed hens crank out 6 eggs a day for 11 straight days (after 2 years-wow!), while barely eating their Layena or WATER! These cornish x dropping dead for no reason just feels icky, right?
Thanks, I feel better now
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I don't raise birds for meat but I have looked into it. Just the descriptions of cornish x birds creep me out. Their very existence seems a bit inhumane IMO.
My meaties have always been raised with the regular flock, on the ground. They free range and run around just like everyone else and I have only ever lost 1 to a "heart attack." They're a little leaner for having run around so much, with not quite as much meat at processing, but I'm ok with that.
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i have raised both freedom rangers and CX, and i am for the CX all the way now. i felt guilty cutting short the life of a bird that could live years longer than 12 weeks - and also wanted a bigger feed to meat ratio.

i have a flock of hens and a roo that i dote on and spoil, and i also raise my 30 or 40 meaties a year and treat them humainly and lovingly until their 8 weeks are over. i am content with this arrangement.
i think what you fail to think about, is that the chicks are hatched, and they can be with someone you do not know how they treat chickens, they can be in the 'industry' in crap covered floors of Tyson or Purdue, never seeing a bit of green grass or sunshine, or they can be in my coop or tractor, with the appropriate space and ability to walk around, free range (even if it is only for 9 inches of ranging a day), and allowed to sit in the sun all day long if they want.

Meat birds like the Cornish X exist...period. Nothing you can do about it. Now, you can sit back and let these birds that already exist have crappy lives, or lives you dont know how they are, or you can raise meat birds, knwo your raising them humanely and properly, and give them the best 8 week life a chicekn could have. Happy chickens are tasty chickens.

thats my two cents.
I have raised Cornish X a few times now. Dirty smelly poop machines, that look like they are always half plucked and filthy from sitting on their bellies... BUT.. they grow out fast, and are very very very efficient to get to your table. I lost 4 my last time, and had horrid leg issues on 2 others. Are the Freedom Rangers in the same category with food rate/ poop rate??? I would truly consider adding 6 weeks or so to get a bird that was edible and that was a bit more fun to raise.
Decent tractor, plenty of space and I see no real problems raising the X. I must admit, 10 days ago I was wishing for the 8 week mark but since going to the tractor, its all good! I figure a big batch this fall, but all free range with just a secure coop for nighttime. Mine do well roaming around for what they are!

26 Freedom Rangers are in the brooder right now.....so both will be available here.
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