I use pine shavings what about poplar

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    I use pine shavings from a friend who has a wood working shop. Keeps me supplied. He said poplar has nothing in it that would hurt any body can I use these shavings. I trust him he knows his stuff. Just wanted to make sure
    It's OK to use with the girls.[​IMG]
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    I see no reason for you not to use it if you can get it in sufficient quantities but I would stick with pine. Poplar may not wick as well as pine which could present a problem.
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    The poplar won't hurt them a bit. Might not work as well to control odor, though.
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    Thanks I scoop out the girls house once a week and do a good clean at the end of the month. During the cold months may be I could mix with the pine or do a mix altogether.
    I went surfing found out some big chicken people use a mix of maple, white oak, ash and pine/poplar. Since he uses all of these woods I may use a mix of them. They are all safe for chickens.
    I found out Black walnut is not good but I figured that as nothing grows under black walnut. Thanks again. I'm new to chicken raising what is wick ?
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