i want to build a pond!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by KrazyKZ08, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. KrazyKZ08

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Brevard, FL
    I am ready to start a new project for my ducks! right now I have a dog kennel with an igloo and a small kiddie pool for them but they need more space!(i take them out every day while i'm home to exercize so theyre not stuck in there too long each day btw) [​IMG] their area in my yard is only long and narrow. it might only be about 7 or 8 feet from the house to the fence! so i wanted to build a better home from them that will have to be longer.

    if anyone has advice on building and maintaining a pond for their ducks that would be greatly appreciated!
    i would like to know how you build them so you can easily maintain them, and how deep or wide they should be for 2 ducks (or more someday lol).

    I also wanted to know if theyre in danger when they swim in the pool.

    any kind of input will help!

    thank you

  2. Zaxby's2

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    Apr 10, 2011
    a place
    There's a thread for duck pool and pond pictures, with some helpful information. [​IMG] It's in the sticky index for ducks.
  3. IRL

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    Apr 12, 2010
    If a kiddy pool isn't adequate for your ducks, you can build a pond with a pond liner, or get a stock tank. Filtering a pond to maintain it gets pretty tricky, so I would just try to install a drain, so you can refill on a regular basis. Ducks are not in any danger swimming as long as they are full grown, unless they don't have a safe way to enter and exit the pool.
  4. ZoeS95423

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    Apr 17, 2011
    We just dug one... which filled itself because its deep enough... But alot of people dont have that option..

  5. TLWR

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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    My pond project this spring

    I haven't drained it in 6 or 7 weeks and it is still doing fine. But it seems the filter box has sprung a leak, so I turned the filter off last night. Need to get that fixed as I'm sure leaving that pond unfiltered for too long will make it utterly disgusting, but the ducks were still swimming in it today.
  6. KrazyKZ08

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Brevard, FL
    oh i found it!! theyre all so nice! i wish my yard was bigger, but alot of them have good ideas i could steal [​IMG] and thank you TLWR!!! i'm definately going to save your post as a guide!!

    i just worry that the chlorine could hurt my ducks, and my dad is also getting tired of all the "turkey leaves" in the filter...lol thts what he calls them to be funny [​IMG]

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