I want to make a hitch and tie cord form old 550 cord left over from my army days


9 Years
May 12, 2012
houston, tx
I plugged in "how to make a tie hitch" in the search engine and even in the advanced search, but to my suprise there was a ton of threads about making everything else... I have a bunch of left over 550 para cord from my army days and need to do something with it. I have looked online for them to buy and I don't want to pay $50 + shipping for a cord! I am going to have 4-6 cocks and most of them are game breeds.... I don't want any bloody roos! I have raised my gramps fighting chickens when I was younger and don't want that for MY flock! Can anyone help me? Where's the old skoo knoledge? I miss that! Lookin to my elders for answers
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Great vid suscribed to that guy on my utube acct! But no not what I'm looking for. Thanks tho.
I'm lookingfor a tie cord for my roosters. I can do all kinds of fancy knots and such that I learned in the military I just don't want to hurt my birds leg.
I guess ill have to fork out the $$$ to get a real tie hitch and cord so I can figger out how to make one..... but I will post how to do it when I do accually figger it out.
Thanks silverfox0786
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