I want to talk about my children's doctor.


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As most on here who know me know, I have a child with SEVERE asthma. He was in the hospital again. Just got out today. Anyway, I just want to tell you guys about his doc.

We are a military family living in a non military area. We had exactly one doctor to choose from that takes our insurance when we moved here. He is a family practice doc, NOT a pediatrician. He is YOUNG! 4 years ago we went there so skeptical and ready to bolt and run. And he listened to us. Not just me, US. My youngest was 4 but he wanted even his opinion. He has been nothing short of AMAZING. Kind, caring, and a brilliant doctor to top it all off.

Anyway, my child got sick again. He admitted him and knew I was really stressed, sacred, you know. While being admitted a nurse came to me and shoved something in my jacket pocket. She said "Dr.'s orders, you guys are NOT to eat hospital food tonight, order pizza". It was the money to cover the pizza.
He honestly cares about every aspect of our well being. You just don't find those much. And come next May we have to move. I know I will never find another doctor so perfect and I just HAD to brag.
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OOh darn! your little guy was sick agan?
How is he now??

About the doctor.. you NEVER hear of that happening anymore! CAn you call his supervisor at the hosp. and tell him what a great doctor they have? OR do something like that... Something to brighten his day..
I love hearing stories like this..
Keeps my faith in mankind going...
Great Drs are worth their weight in Gold. This one is a keeper.

Hope your little guy is better soon.

My son also has asthma, we are also blessed with one of the good Drs.
That is fabulous! Being retired military, I feel your pain. I just lost my own wonderful, young doc I'd had for six years (the husband/wife team moved over an hour away). I was crushed. Had to settle for a doc who has been out of med school as long as my other doc has been alive and he does not dispense pain meds! Didn't even know that was possible. I'm biding my time till I either move or a new doc comes in.
I had an awesome doctor like that before we moved. I miss him so much and so do my kids. His name comes up in conversation a lot. Yep, one in a million. I won't find another quite like him even if I live to be 100. He really was that special.
Hope you son is doing better!
Thanks for sharing your experience. It's nice to know that doctor's like this still exist. Seldom do you find one that is willing to make sure both the patient and parents are taken care of.

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