I WANT to wear my contacts, but Sheesh. . .


10 Years
Feb 23, 2011

This seems like a diverse group, so maybe someone here has some advice to offer. Last spring I got contacts for the first time, ever!
These are soft, disposables. [Wear during the day, throw away after a week or so]
I want to wear them. There are annoyances to wearing glasses. But. . .

very frequently they feel annoying. either like I've got a hair in my eye or slime over my eye. Nothing earth shattering usually. they are suppose to be 'no rub.' I could see if it occurred infrequently that it might be a tear or speck, but almost every day??

How do ladies take out their contacts w/ long nails? I don't keep mine very long at all, but I'm having to keep the quite short in order to get my contacts out. Otherwise, I have a terrible time taking them out.

Any secrets I'm missing?

I plan to return to the Dr. in April for annual visit. . . .
Well I have very short nails, so I can't answer you there (we have milk cows, and the ladies demand short nails, LOL

My contacts were irritating my eyes very badly. I switched brands of contact cleaner several times, and finally found one that worked: http://www.yourhealthyeyes.com/find-your-products/contact-lens-solutions/complete-multi-purpose-solution-easy-rub-formula/

carries it. Good luck!
You might be building up minerals on the contact surface causing them to irritate. I would try rubbing them before soaking in the disinfectant for the night.

For long nails - rather than trying to grasp the lens between both fingers which could cause the nails to scratch your eye, try instead looking in the mirror, with one index finger pad pull down your bottom lid and with the pad of your other index finger, barely touch and pull down the contact lens into your bottom lid fold. When the contact hits the fold, it will pop off your eye so you can then grasp it without hitting your eye.

(I worked for an eye doctor for 5 yrs).
You also HAVE to change the solution everyday. And wash your hands before you handle them. I rinse mine when I pull one out before I put it in, then I add these drops to my eyes by Visine... I noticed a difference in the length of time I can wear them with the drops. I carry the drops around in my pocket. I change my solution after I get the contact in, so that I don't forget and have a contact on my finger in the evening wondering if I remembered to change the solution or not. I get a lot more wear out of them this way, a 6 month supply can go as long as a year. Saves me like $250 since I have "special" eyes.

You just have to be diligent with their care. Did you go through a fitting phase with your doctor? It took us 4 sets to get mine right. I went through a walmart center because of the doctor, she was great. Never paid for contacts until we went through the trial process and found what worked. She really took the time to make sure they were perfect.

Took me a long time, but I learned how to gently touch the sides of the contacts with my nails and sort of "pop" it out without scratching myself. Just practice. Took me forever getting them in and out initially. I had to re-learn it when I got my fake nails removed. I still can't do it without a mirror and it's been over a year.

Don't put mascara on until after you have the contact in. You can brush the contact on your lashes, and nothing hurts worse than a piece of mascara on it! If you have on eye make up when you take them out, rinse them with solution before putting them in the case.

Just remember lot's of rinses, gentle handling, and wash your hands. Eye infections, irritants, too many risks to be lazy about it. Used to be I ripped a contact before I wore it out, took awhile to learn how fragile they can be.
My doctor showed me and had me practice putting them in and out when I first got them, but I'm not sure about a 'fitting'. What do you mean by that?

Thanks for all the info. I will start implementing it all!

It sounds like maybe they don't fit right or you need to try a different brand. I've worn several different types and the last name brand I tried was Acuvue Oasys. They were really expensive and would tear just by blinking. I was supposed to wear them for 2 weeks at a time, but I was lucky if they lasted for a week. I ended up getting an ulcerated cornea from the contacts and my doctor told me to stay away from those.

I highly recommend Daysoft contact lenses. They're a UK brand you can order online. So much cheaper and they're daily contacts, so you don't have to worry about cleaning and solutions. I switched my whole family and we haven't had any eye problems since. I usually get them 2 months at a time. I pay like $35 for both eyes for 2 months worth.

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