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Nov 9, 2007
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DH's work schedule right now is Monday thru Thursday. I've been kinda grumpy because he has to go to work tomorrow morning (Friday) cuz he has to be in court @ 9 AM. Not only that, but he has to work tomorrow night too. There's a big rival high school football game and the powers that be are afraid of trouble after the game.
He just called and he gets to come home early tonight, due to having to be in court in the morning; provided that it's a quiet night and he can leave the rookies alone.

Hopefully he won't have to work the game either, since his boss seriously dislikes having to pay his overttime rate - he's the highest paid officer on the force.

I don't think it's wrong that I'm so selfish about our time together, do you?
No, I'm always disappointed when my husband has to work overtime or go out of town on a business trip. Wish he could just put me in his pocket!
Used to it, yes. Liking it, no. Plus, there's the worry of him putting on that uniform.
Last time I was at the doctor he told us (DH and I) that he's treating three women for peptic ulcers right now; me and two other women. We are all three cops wives.
Not teflon pan!
Actually we both probably have some form of weird cancer from eating too many nuke meals lately.
not the nuke meals!

I just found an old cook book of my moms all devoted to nuke meals...you want me to share some recipes?
I wish! We are dieting. First time in my life for me. We spent $165 at the grocery store last week. About 30 of that was critter stuff, another 20 was cleaning stuff and TT. The rest was lean cuisines and slim fasts.
your not selfish, i agree i hate dh's schedule, but he prefers nights. he is also doing the football game saturday, he worked last night, had college classes to goto today, and now hes back at work. hes off friday, but he ll spend all day sleeping untill around 4 which i wont have but 2 secs to say good morning becuase the kids will all be fighting for my attention while i try and force oldest dd do to her HW before i drive an hour to meet her dad. i ll get home round 8 and i ll have to get the other 2 off to bed, by then I'LL be headed to bed, and dh will sit up watching netflix and youtube till i wake up. lol. ooh nope wait, he has court tommorrow, so he'll get home round 1or so and THen hit the hay, so i Might not see him at all till 8.
he doesnt get to come home early cuz he has court, or actually for any reason. BUT he was in the navy, so i console myself by saying, at least he is physically here. in a 2yr span he was gone 18 mos and in the time he was home, the longest stretch was 2mos. so .... yeah. this is better, pay sucks tho.

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