I was interviewed on the radio today! Free the Chickens!

I sure hope you get your girls legalized -- that would be GREAT news. The radio spot might go a long way to generate publicity and interest. Nice going.

My Fingers are Crossed For You,
Way To Go!
Sure hoping it goes your way!
J.Pryce :

Good luck, from the other side of the Detroit River(Ypsilanti).

Hi, neighbour! LOL

We just started a website about 10 days ago called www.rosecityfarms.com

We usually get about 100 hits a day, just from Facebook advertising etc. But in the 45 minutes that chickens were discussed on air, we got almost 200! Yay!! I'm writing an article right now to dispel some of the myths that callers believed about chickens.

Viva la Chicken!​

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