I was wonder how difficult it is to hatch gees eggs I have done a lot of reading and it seams like i

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    So last november I put 23 duck eggs in my foam incubator turned them 5 times a day and misted them twice a day and 19 of them hatched. I now have a digital incubator with egg turner.

    I have 5 girl gees and 2 ganders. last year one of my hens hatched 6 chicks and I managed to save 6 more of the reaming 10 eggs after she left the nest and wouldn't go back, sadly only 6 only 2 made it to 8 weeks old I think they spent to long hatching.

    This year I would like to collect the goose eggs along with my duck eggs and incubate some of them and let her hatch the rest. Only problem last year when I would collect there eggs they kept moving there nest and I spent a lot of time searching for there eggs mine even cover there nest : )
    So this year I was thinking of locating the nest then every day dating the eggs as they lay them but not removing any eggs tell I am ready to incubate them and only taking the older eggs in the hope they wont search for a new place to nest. Any one ells have any experience with collecting and hatching gees both with incubator and under a broody goose.
    thank you.
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    I would mark one egg and leave it in the nest. That way the goose keeps returning to the same nest.

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