I would like to see other call ducks pic. Here is mine


12 Years
Aug 7, 2007
near ottawa ontario
I would like to see other pictures of just the call ducks. Here are mine.They are only 6 weeks old. I think i have 4 females and 4 males. But not 100%...going by sound. I just cleaned their water. With in 2 minutes it was dirty again.
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This is Pigeon, our one and only Call. She is less than a week old, and we love her. She is a Butterscotch. Yours are beautiful, thanks for sharing!
They are 8 weeks old. Here are the rest of my brood.....This is Suzie.. she is white with black spots

This is Cow...

A blue fawm male.. I call him Meany.. He wants to beat up my snowy drake (no pic of him yet)

This is G.B (short for Gay Boy... he follows Meany around like a love sick puppy) He is a pastel..

And here is Rosie... not sure what her color is called... but shes cute and bonded to Meany..

Ive only had these guys for about a month.. I was just looking for an adult to keep the babies company and ended up getting all these..

If anyone in Washington state, near Olympia, is interested in doing some trading.. Let me know...I think I need to find the pastel a different home to get him away from the other male.. Maybe get him interested in some girls...

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