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I guess you can tell how much of an ice cream addict I am. Just check my avatar. My very favorite is Haagen Daz Rocky Road . The problem with other brands is they stick mini marshmallows in au naturel, so you have lumps. H.D. uses marshallow cream which is pure silken pleasure. It is the most important element to me, though the ice cream itself is very, very good. The almonds, I could live without, they are dry and woody.
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I love Gelato, but my favorite ice cream flavors would be: Rocky Road, Rose, Chocolate, Coffee, Bubblegum, and Cotton Candy. :drool
I have never had rose
I'm boring, I'm a big fan of the HD vanilla. Used to love ben and jerry's phish food but it has gone downhill.
Phish food is great, a little too sweet though
Ben & Jerry has one I sorta like I think its called something like cookie dough with chocolate core. I don't know, their names are so weird.
My neighbor tried their "Sweaty Balls," limited production of course, some2-3 year ago. Said it wasn't bad BUT it had malted milk balls in it and they were frozen and hard as a rock. He said he gave up on it before breaking any teeth.

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