Ice Melt.....One of my chickens is dying.


9 Years
Dec 31, 2010
My son went to shut the chickens in and found one lethargic and then just toppled over. We brought it inside, however it keeps closing its eyes, we think it won't make it.

Then my husband told me he spread some 'ice melt' down near them earlier. I think I know the answer to this, but I will ask it you think this is probably what killed my chicken?

I looked it up, and it said that too much salt can kill a chicken. I think this is probably what happened.
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You could try to see if detox might help...charcoal detox is available at our locally owned feed and sesd..... Hope it works out....Nancy
Milk thistle extract is also an effective detox remedy. You can dose the chicken with it (1 capsule) or add 3 capsules per gallon of water (open capsules first).

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