IceMan's Chooks!!


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Oct 31, 2012
We decided earlier this year that we would venture into the world of backyard chooks!!

after a bit of research, design work, and realisation that farming in well and truly in my DNA (grand parents have massive a farming property up in the wimmera region in rural victoria, austaralia) i have started my chicken coop.

here are some designs, and the first construction photos
The four sides are bolted onto four 100x100mm hardwood posts, very heavy and very strong

also to make it look old and more 'farmy' i used old fence palings to clad the walls, can't wait to start that next bit of the project as i have a massive pile of palings!!
started to clad the walls after getting home late from work...then i ran out of screws... and the footy was on (Australian Football!!!!!!)

so all of these will eventually become walls

hmmm i need more screws

but its getting there
a bit more progress...

finished cladding one wall, and working on the nesting box...i change my design every 5 minutes

The Nesting Box!!

And a bit more done... limited time but getting there bit by bit

Don't worry, i cut the screw ends off the lid. i made a chook house not a torture chamber
A bit more progress... and i thought all the hard stuff was done, until I moved it outside...

concentrated on the nesting boxes and cladding one wall, did the other walls the following night and finished off the nesting box wall with all the off cuts.

More progress... man i can't wait until this is finished!!

The door system...

The door system... pull rope from outside and door opens!! (ignore the bit of wood in the doorway, i forgot it was there)

The door... is open

locking the door open (just pull down and unhook to close door, gravity does the rest)
The door... is closed

nesting box wall is cladded

human door has state of the art security... well once i put a lock on

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