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Nov 22, 2007
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Ive recently seen a few posts for people looking for fresh eating eggs. Would there be any interest in a forum either for people looking for fresh eating eggs, or for people who have fresh eating eggs available at all times. Maybe a map where people can put themselves by user name, and people looking for eating eggs would have a central place that they would be able to find someone close to them to buy eggs from.
Terrific idea! Even those of us w/chickens.. when they stop laying for various reasons, it'd be nice to be able to get homegrown eggs from someone else, instead of the nasty grocery store eggs!!!
Oh and how about processed birds or other livestock? Goats milk and products made. I know we have the auctions and for sale areas but another section with a map is just a great idea.
I like all the ideas in this thread. We absolutely hate having to buy meat from the store, knowing how the animal was treated.... I would rather support local farmers and fellow BYC'ers!
Exactly. I was just tellign my fiance how it's so difficult to find local farmers who sell meats, etc. I have yet to get a day to go to the farmers market locally because it's open 2 hrs a week on a day when I am working... an online directory would make things so much easier. I would be willing to help with the project!

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